Are you ready for conference? A quick TO DO LIST for #HRSWC

The 77th annual HRSouthwest Conference is just around the corner starting on Sunday October 14 and goes through Wednesday October 17, at the Fort Worth Convention Center in Fort Worth, Texas. This is the official State of TEXAS SHRM Conference and will be filled with opportunities to grow in your profession with educational sessions, networking opportunities, and the latest in HR resources located in the marketplace.  As I am packing and getting ready, I want to share a brief check list that might help you get ready to make this fun, productive, and a great experience over the next 4 days…

10 things to think about as you pack for conference…

  1. DOWNLOAD the HRSouthwest Conference App called HRSWC… Go to App Store and hrswc apptype in HRSouthwest Conference…the app will appear as HRSWC (official social media hashtag). You will be able to see attendees, speakers, schedule your breakout sessions, and keep up with conference activities for next 4 days.
  2. Bring your business cards. You will meet some awesome people during the conference and you will want to exchange cards for follow up. There is also a huge marketplace with more than 200 exhibitors featuring HR products and services. Most of these exhibitors will have a drawing for fun prizes.
  3. If you are new… make sure to attend the New Attendee Orientation on Monday morning. This is a great place to meet new attendees before the opening general sessions begins.
  4. Bring your phone charger. You will need to keep your battery charged for taking #selfieswithLety and get your InstaMove with Armstrong Relocation at Booth #439
  5. Want to hear a hall of fame speaker? Check out Deborah Avrin’s personal branding session on Monday morning at 10:15am. Deborah will be inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame during conference!!!
  6. Have questions????  Go to the Welcome Center. There are volunteers standing by to answer questions…
  7. Looking for a great HR Resource? Check out the SHRM Bookstore located in the marketplace.
  8. Need coffee??? There is a Starbucks across the street at the Omni! There will also be some coffee stations positioned at different times throughout conference
  9. Be sure and take pics throughout the conference and use the #HRSWC when posting on social media so we can all enjoy them… Platforms will include Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!
  10. Lastly, stick around after conference on Monday for the Welcome Reception in marketplace, and closing reception on Tuesday. This is a great opportunity to network and build relations, or as I like to say, drive in the carpool lane…

Okay, you are now ready… It’s time to NAVIGATE CHANGE at the 77th HRSouthwest Conference… Come by and see me at Booth #439 and sign up for my session on leadership development Tuesday at 11:30 called Find Your Lane… There will also be a book signing to follow in the SHRM bookstore!

Stay tuned for more about the conference… See you in Fort Worth! #HRSWC

Quote of the week: “In the world of business, those who are most successful are those who are doing what they love.” (Warren Buffett)

Call to Action: Download the app and start browsing sessions, speakers, exhibitors and more for best conference experience… See you in Fort Worth!

This has been A Relocation Minute on “10 Things to do at HRSouthwest Conference” with Bruce Waller, for more information, call 972-389-5673, or email or check out my social media Facebook and Twitter page.

Also, check out for review my latest leadership book “Find Your Lane” on sale at Amazon, or Barnes and Noble. Available on Kindle edition too!

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