Who’s coaching you for success?

I once read a quote by Jim Rohn that said, “Your success over the next 5 years will be determined by the books you read and the people you meet.”  I was recently having coffee with a business partner when the question was asked, “Bruce, have you ever had an executive coach?” This really has got me thinking about who has coached me over the years… I first responded with, well no I haven’t ever invested in a career coach… but then I said… but I have had many great mentors in my life that have challenged me to get better and stretch my leadership growth. After the meeting, I began reflecting on my career journey and all of the mentors that have played a role in my personal and professional growth. I would also call them coaches too… I didn’t invest money in hiring a specific business coach, but I did invest time with many coaches by listening to their strategies and was open to trying new things to get better as a leader.

I’ve had many coaches and mentors in my life including teachers and athletic coaches, cropped-bruce_on-truck-original-picturefamily members, book authors (many I have never met), conference speakers, team members at work, business leaders, customers, volunteers, community leaders, and ………….. the list goes on and on and on.

We all need coaches and mentors in our life to get better. To get more in our career, we need to add value by becoming more which means get better every day. We need to have an open mind, be vulnerable, and have the courage to ask questions. We need to be purposeful in reading books, or listening to audible (I just finished listening to a really great book called  “Powerful” by Patty McCord, past HR Leader for Netflix) or listening to podcasts, and follow up with your network by sharing takeaways to get perspective from others.

As I reflect, I think about the leader that encouraged me to take a Dale Carnegie leadership training, and the leader that directed me to toastmasters earlier in my career, and the leader that encouraged me to get my relocation certification, as well as the leader that referred me to listen to a leadership cassette tape by John Maxwell (now I am dating myself), and the leader that invited me to a leadership conference to hear from several inspiring speakers, and the book author that inspired me to start a newsletter over 14 years ago which turned into a blog a few years later, which eventually turned into a published leadership book called Find Your Lane.

Earlier this year, I decided to invest in a music coach to learn to play the piano. I have had a goal of learning to play the piano for many years. I know a few people that play the piano, but wasn’t able to advance learning to play without investing in a music coach to teach me how to read music and apply weekly practice sessions.  Coaches are everywhere. We just need to set goals, then invest the time with people to help us better better in these areas for success.

So, who is coaching me? I have way to many coaches to list… but I can share some of the places to find a great coach or mentor to help you grow as a leader on your journey. Ask others for a professional coach referral and consider making the investment to help guide you for the next 6-12 months. Sometimes you need to make the investment to have someone help you get started just like I did with my piano coach. I am positive it will pay off and help you grow as a leader. There are many out there, just ask your network.

You can also find great coaching in… Books, Audible, Podcasts, Conferences, Volunteering, Workplace, Local Community Outreach, and the Bible. Surround yourself with successful people that you think model great leadership traits that you admire and ask them what books they are reading, where they network, and some of their daily disciplines or habits for success. Then apply some of them in your daily routine… everyday! One day you will be able to coach others the same way you learned along the way. The more we learn, the more we can share and teach others along the journey. This is what I call “The Lane of Fulfillment”!

Quote of the week: “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” (Isaac Newton in 1675)

Call to Action: Reach out to someone you know that has enjoyed some success and schedule a meeting at a local coffee shop. Be open and let them know you want to get better in your profession and ask them for their perspective. It just might change the trajectory of your career!

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