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The story below is from my book, Find Your Lane. My hope is it will inspire you to capture the positives in every area you are looking to improve. It may be your career, or your personal life. Start with an attitude of gratitude and you will start seeing things from a totally different view!

“Every time you invest in reading, you should always try to take at least one idea or strategy and apply it in your own life. This will elevate your leadership. We all learn so much more when we take notes and apply ideas that other people use in their process for success.

Many years ago I came across a story while reading The Compound Effect, by Darren Hardy, that gave me an idea that I thought would be great to give to my wife as a gift. Darren told a story where a friend was having challenges in his marriage and wasn’t sure where to turn. Darren suggested he stop focusing on the problems and start focusing on all the good things his wife was doing for him. He advised his friend to journal each day at least one positive thing he saw in his wife. Some examples included the clean sheets she put on their bed each week, a cooked meal she prepared for their family, or a kind word or compliment she might have given him.

Darren’s friend took his advice and began writing in a journal. After a year had passed, he gave the journal to his wife. He thought it would be a great gift for her, and it was, but he didn’t realize the positive impact it had had on him and his marriage. It made him fall in love with his wife again.

I was moved so much by this story that I decided to journal the same things over the next 12 months for my wife. Each day I would use my notes in my iPhone to capture something she did or said that was positive. A couple of weeks before Thanksgiving, I went to the bookstore and purchased a nice leather journal and transferred all of my notes to the journal. It took me several lunch breaks during the week to complete the handwritten notes. On the day before Thanksgiving, I invited my wife to dinner at Olive Garden (one of her favorite restaurants at the time) and gave her the journal as a gift.”

It is transforming when you focus on the positives in your life. If you are in a rut, or want to create some elevation in your career, a relationship, or with any part of your life, start with writing in a journal and focus on the positives. You will be amazed by the results!”

Quote of the week: “The only ones you try to get even with are the ones that do you good.” (Lillian V. Fults)

Call to Action: Pick up a journal and start writing this week. Focus on gratitude and make it a daily action item. I have several for work, personal, church, and exercise. Start with one! You will start seeing things from a different perspective…

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