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10 questions you might have when relocating candidates!

A man was walking in the park and asks a young boy, “Does your dog bite?” The boy says, “No.” The man reaches down to pet the dog he saw as he walked through the park. The dog bites the man. The man turns to the boy and says, “I thought you said your dog didn’t bite!” The boy says, “It doesn’t, …that’s not my dog.”

One of the keys to learning and growing in your role is to ask questions. As you can see from the illustration above, we need to not only ask questions, but also ask the right questions. Investing in your partnership can help you navigate and avoid pitfalls along the way.  It might even save us from a dog bite or other challenge in our role.

This has been another great year for our economy and it has shown in the metrics; low unemployment rate, increased real estate values, and companies expanding which often means relocating talent. Homes are selling faster in many areas of the country, and companies are moving key talent from managers to executives in the US and abroad. Relocation benefits often include assistance with home sale, temp living, house hunting trips, apartment finding, moving household goods, and more especially when moving executives.  Many times executives will have questions about relocation support and it’s important to be equipped to help answer questions to build confidence for the candidate and family relocating.

Today, I want to share some questions that I have received over the last 12 months that might help initiate questions for you or someone you know relocating talent:

  1. Can you help us develop a relocation policy?
  2. Can you provide a candidate assessment of relocation services needed before the offer letter is sent to help us calculate a budget for moving executives?
  3. What’s included in a standard unpacking service?
  4. Do we have maximum insurance coverage for our employees?
  5. Can you provide a “quick” relocation budget for an international assignment?
  6. Can you move vehicles for our employees?
  7. We offer a lump sum program but would like to assist our employees with relocation services by letting them make the choice. Can you help?
  8. Can you share the average cost for an employee relocation?
  9. We want to make sure our relocation benefits are aligned with the market. Do you have any resources that can help us benchmark relocation benefits?
  10. Do you also provide office moving services?

Do you have these questions too? What other questions do you have? Send me your questions and I will share the answer in an upcoming “A Relocation Minute” Blog post. I would enjoy hearing from you.  In 2019, make it a goal to ask questions and engage in strategy to build a partnership you and your employees will be proud of…

Quote of the week: “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” (Dr. Seuss)

Call to Action: Make a list of questions for 2019 and send to your partner. It will create engagement and start some great dialogue to elevate your partnership in the new year!

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