Your best career is in the “gratitude”…

Many years ago, I remember when I got out of college and started my career thinking about how I wanted to be in a profession that made a difference like a doctor or lawyer, or teacher. However, when I found myself in the moving and storage industry, I didn’t think or feel that I was in a career that made a difference. I remember feeling like I just had a job, and that I was just there to collect a paycheck to pay the bills. Making money was very important since I had 3 kids to support, but found myself reflecting and wondering where my career was headed. However, I later realized that it really wasn’t about the job, but more about the people I worked with and the mindset that would allow me to have a different viewpoint of the profession. Once I changed my mindset (or updated my career GPS), I learned about the importance and value of gratitude in my daily activities. This would ultimately be the game changer in my career outlook.

One of my responsibilities working for Armstrong Relocation and Companies as a relocation professional is to visit with the candidate/family moving out of the area. Each time I visit with the family member which is generally the candidate or spouse, I get a “lift” because I am so grateful to be in a position to really help the family alleviate any stress they have from the “unknown” or “variables” of moving their household goods from one city to another. You see, moving is personal and can be very stressful.  Each of us has an opportunity to make a difference by being a good coworker, a good listener, and having empathy in every situation to help make the move an easier transition for the family relocating. For example, I visited more than 150 families moving in 2018 and faced many different situations such as…

  • A spouse shared that she recently lost her husband and needed to move closer to her daughter.
  • A candidate got a new job, but the spouse shared that she needs to quit her job that she enjoys to find something in the new city.
  • I felt bad when a customer closed his garage door (by habit) on a contractor’s vehicle during the survey while leaving garage which made things really stressful.
  • A husband and spouse couldn’t agree on what was moving and what wasn’t moving so I met them for multiple surveys before the move.

These are just a few of the challenges I see in the field each week. The good news is that after 20 years of experience, I learned that I have a wonderful opportunity to really help families during a stressful time. The more we learn, the more we can help others. It’s the same way for you. It doesn’t matter if we are in HR, Mobility, Operations, Finance, or a leadership role, or the receptionist at the front desk. We all have an opportunity to make a significant difference in our career with the right leadership mindset.

It all comes down to having these 3 leadership qualities: Genuine Empathy, Care, and Love for helping people.

So, what are you most grateful for in your career? What advise would you give to others looking to make a difference in their career?

Quote of the week: “Your most important work is always ahead of you.” (Tim Tebow)

Call to Action: Write down some of the things you enjoy about your career, then try to expand in these areas. When you see how you can impact others, you will feel a sense of gratitude and start seeing things from a different lens to make your career even more fulfilling. Let me know how your exercise goes in the comments below.

This has been A Relocation Minute on “Gratitude” with Bruce Waller, for more information, call 972-389-5673, or email or check out my social media Facebook and Twitter page. Also, check out for Leadership, HR and Mobility resources and my latest leadership book “Find Your Lane”.


2 thoughts on “Your best career is in the “gratitude”…”

  1. Hi Bruce! Love this mindset and thank you for the great read. I’m grateful that in my job I have the opportunity to meet new people every week. It isn’t about selling, it is about helping my customers to meet their goals and partnering alongside of them. In my role, I also have the opportunity to learn about so many different industries and businesses. I’m always learning. I have amazing co-workers and it takes a team and for that I’m grateful. Some days, as in any job, there is so much to be done and it can seem like there is not enough time in the day to get it all done. My job involves a lot of behind the scenes work and working long hours. I have to push myself, working late into the night and on weekends when needed. When things get hard, I remind myself of how blessed I am to have a job and career that is so very rewarding and that it is just a matter of perspective. I don’t remember who it was, but someone once taught me this. When your job is hard and you are tired, close your eyes for a minute and think back of how excited you were on the day that you received your job offer. I found this to be extremely energizing and can often give me the needed perspective and boost to get to the finish line. Have a great week! #blesssed

    1. Bruce Waller - Armstrong Relocation Dallas

      Thanks for sharing Judie! Love this… especially the part about gratitude…Close your eyes and think about how excited and thankful we were to get the job! …and the importance of hard work to get results.

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