My wish for you…

As we wind down for the holidays, I want to personally wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas holiday season and much success in the New Year. I am grateful to share “A Relocation Minute” each week for the last 8 years and look forward to sharing more 2019! My goal is to find ways to add value for you in whatever role you are in. Thanks for sharing with others too! You never know who it might impact!

In closing the weekend before Christmas, here’s my wish… It’s in a poem that I wrote earlier this year to encourage others on the journey. My wish is that it will encourage you (or someone you know) too!

Find Your Lane

poem by Bruce W. Waller

It’s a long winding road on your journey to success,

but always remember that you can only give your very best!

There will be moments in time that mark your journey in special ways,

so focus not only on the chase,

or you just might miss the entire race!

You will find that the best parts will be in the people you meet,

the places you go, and the goals you achieve.

So take the route where you can enjoy all of the sights along the way,

but if you ever start losing the joy, just stop to refuel

and keep driving to become even more!

You may find yourself needing to take a detour on your pursuit,

have no fears and drive with purpose

so you don’t have to travel by foot!

Is your GPS set to grow, plan and share? if so you will soon be there.

Be sure and pick up some friends that help you bring your best game,

because you will find the greatest moments will always be in the carpool lane.

and when you have your GPS set and in alignment,

you will find yourself in the lane of fulfillment.

This is the best lane to travel and display a brand you can mold,

it says I’m genuine, I’m kind, I’m authentic, or maybe I’m really bold.

Yes, this is the best lane to be traveling on this race to success,

when you find this lane, you will find a journey that’s better than the rest!

“ Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings!” – Clarence the Angel – It is a Wonderful Life

Call to action: Unplug, spend time with family and friends… and set a goal to read a book! The more you learn, the more you have to share with others!

This has been A Relocation Minute on “My wish for you” with Bruce Waller, For more information, call 972-389-5673, or email or check out my social media Facebook and Twitter page. Also, check out for review/order my latest leadership book “Find Your Lane” on sale at Amazon.

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