What’s your fear?

3 strategies to move past fear and experience more in your career!

I recently had an opportunity to be a guest on “Pathways to Success” podcast hosted by Julian Placino. It was a special time visiting about Leadership, Networking, and Relocation with this great leader in the recruiting industry.

One of the questions Julian asked was pointed toward fear. What is about fear that holds people back in their careers. How do people get past the fear? It’s something we all encounter from time to time. It’s preparing for an interview trying to land that dream job to asking for a promotion with your boss to having a difficult conversation with a colleague or customer to the fear of making a change with a vendor to improve the experience and meet company goals. Fears can stop us in our tracks and it’s up to us to move past for success.

I have a friend that once said fear is the acronym that stands for “false expectations appearing real”, and another saying “everything we want is on the other side of fear”. But in reality, what makes fear so difficult is knowing we might fail and look bad during the process. Many people are fearful and don’t want to chance failure as a potential outcome of any decision. However, we need to understand that failure is part of the process to achieving success. In fact, many high achievers often share stories when failure was the breakthrough to their success. Listen closely and you will see this is when things changed for them. I once read that people change because of one of two reasons, inspiration, or desperation. So how can we overcome fear without being inspired or so desperate that we are forced to live with fear of our decision?

Here are 3 strategies that have helped me and can help others get past fear with confidence:

  1. Make the commitment: In my book Find your lane, I share the story about a general that had his army “burn their boats” so they wouldn’t be able to retreat once they landed on the island to fight warriors on the island. Make the commitment to be “ALL-IN” when you need to act on something important to you and don’t look back. When I joined Armstrong Relocation in 2004, I wanted to work in a sales role and knew immediate success was rare and needed to “burn the boats” because it was going to take a few years to grow my business partnerships.
  2. Be prepared: The biggest reason people have fear is they are unprepared. It might be not practicing before speaking in public, or not doing research before making a sales call to have a conversation, or asking for a promotion without listing ways you have worked on yourself to grow and add value. Preparation is the key to success in any role and will breed confidence when you have put in the work ahead of time.
  3. Take action: The most important key to getting past fear is taking action. We often try to get everything perfect before we make an attempt to take action on things and let the fear build up and find out it wasn’t even an issue once we took that step. When I was a young father, I often feared riding some of the roller coasters at Six Flags Amusement park. I knew to get past the fear, I just needed to ride one with my son one day.  The time can when I decided it would be the “shock wave” roller coaster and got in line with my son before I talked myself out of it. I just need to take action on this fear and later realized it wasn’t that bad when it was over. The best way to move forward on fear set a goal. Just do one small thing each day with consistency and see big results over time. What goals do you need to set for success?

When we are fearful of making a change and know in our hearts that it will make a difference, then follow these strategies and don’t look back.  What are some fears you need to overcome?

  • Going back to school?
  • Studying for a certification?
  • Taking a job making less money, but will position you for a future position?
  • Changing or adding a vendor that will improve quality service for employees?
  • Asking for a raise?
  • Having a difficult conversation with a colleague or your boss?
  • Starting that podcast you’ve been dreaming about?
  • Make a sales call?
  • Sharing your goals with others?

Go ahead… make the commitment, be prepare, and take action for success. Burn the boats and make it happen. Your best days ahead are just on the other side of fear!

Quote of the week: “Fear Freezes us, Being Bold Frees us.” -Peggy Smith

Call to Action: Write down something that you fear in the workplace, then have a conversation with someone to help you get past it. Be bold by sharing to move past your fears and on the road to experience more joy and become more on your career journey!

This has been A Relocation Minute on “What’s your fear” with Bruce Waller, for more information, call 972-389-5673, or email bwaller@goarmstrong.com or check out my social media Facebook and Twitter page. Also, check out www.BruceWaller.com to review my leadership book “Find Your Lane” available on amazon.


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