6 Takeaways from #STXHRS2019! Thanks for the memories!

When I attend a conference, my hope is to always walk away with the following… 1) Learn something new to apply and share with others, AND 2) Meet someone new to expand my network. Last week in San Antonio, The South Texas HR Symposium did not disappoint. The conference title was Shifting Paradigms, Celebrating 60 years of SAHRMA. This year I was able to attend as an attendee, a speaker, and our company was a sponsor at the event which made it even more special!

A great conference needs to include several components to have success which includes great keynote speakers. When I heard Jennifer McClure was going to be kicking off the conference, I knew it was going to be extra special. More on her takeaways below. Then I heard Johnny Taylor, CEO SHRM would be speaking as well and wanted to hear his perspectives too. It also takes great volunteers to coordinate these events along with sponsors and more. In this post, I want to share a few my takeaways from day one below. My hope is you will be able to learn something to share with your team too. It was such an honor to be part of this conference and look forward to #STXHRS 2020!

  1. Keynote Jennifer McClure. If you have a chance to get Jennifer as a speaker, make it a goal to do this. She delivers! Here are a few of the notes I took during her presentation titled “A Roadmap To Meet the Challenges Of The Future And Achieve Success.”
  • Embrace innovation and models that disrupt business change.
  • Top global challenges include developing “next gen” talent
  • Talent Skill shortage.
  • Don’t be a “cave” dweller — “Consistently Against Virtually Everything”
  • We need to re-frame high turnover (great ex; finding best salespeople)
  • We need to shift our views re working from home
  • Reinventing HR includes Improve, Innovate, and Disrupt
  • The importance of getting others involved in your company
  • The hiring process is broken.

    Great engagement question to consider: “If you had a magic wand to change anything in your company, what would you change?”

Jennifer talked about other things including leadership, company culture, diversity and inclusion, and the future of work. She was engaging, entertaining, provided valuable insights, and made it feel good to be there!

  1. Johnny Taylor, CEO SHRM talked about “The Future State: Disrupting HR like nothing we’ve ever seen.”
  • Johnny set the tone of the meeting by his first words “The State of the Society of HR is amazing!
  • HR Matters – Look at the State of the Union topics
  • People are talking about the importance of HR
  • The Future of work includes the augmented era
  • Redefining Work, The Worker, and The Workplace
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is the future
  • The 2 biggest discrimination today? 1) Weight 2) Attractiveness
  • Talent Acquisition is the most important HR function

He also talked about Diversity and Inclusion. The biggest takeaway included the implications of the HR profession. We need to do HR well, or someone else will. Attract the smartest people and understand how your employer makes money, Lastly, practice courageously, “What would I do differently”?

  1. Speaking at the conference. It’s exciting and honoring to be selected as a speaker. I always enjoy sharing ways to help other leaders. In this session, I shared “Find Your Lane” strategies to help HR professionals use a career GPS to help guide their team for growth. The best part was to having friends in my session for support. Thanks to Carlos Escobar, Aaron Pottichen, Angela Shaw, Joe Hargett, and Jennifer McClure, and Beth Roach for the intro!
  2. The Volunteers were all amazing. Thank you, Rhonda Michel, for being so welcoming from the moment I walked in to the conference, and the entire SAHRMA volunteers. Thanks for great customer service. It made a difference.
  3. Attending speaker sessions. The education sessions were excellent. I was so excited to attend Carlos Escobar session in the morning. Best takeaway – start with WHY to drive deeper conversation. Fortunately, I was walking in with the keynote to get a seat, otherwise I would have missed because his session was FULL!!! Great job Carlos! Micah Bellieu was also fantastic talking about communication. Aaron Pottichen, Angela Shaw, Barbara Trautlein, and Mike Coffey were also speaking along with the amazing Paula Harvey talking on Mentors and more. I wish I could clone myself when attending conferences to learn something from everyone. If you get an opportunity, make it a goal to connect with these great speakers.
  4. The Exhibit Hall and Social. Great energy and lots of companies sharing resources and products to help HR professionals in the workplace. So glad to see Armstrong Relocation and Companies exhibiting. Relocation is so important today!

What did I miss? What did you see that you would like more information on? What do you enjoy most about attending conferences? Share in your comments below! Thanks again SAHRMA for a wonderful South Texas HR Symposium! …and congrats on 60 years!

Quote of the week:The more you experience, the more you have to offer others.” Sara Blakely

Call to Action: Reflect and discuss Jennifer’s question: If you had a magic wand to change anything in your company, what would you change?” …or Johnny Taylor’s question: “What would I do differently”? Share in comments below and start some dialogue with your team. 

This has been A Relocation Minute on “STXHRS2019” with Bruce Waller, for more information, call 972-389-5673, or email bwaller@goarmstrong.com or check out my social media Facebook and Twitter page. Also, check out www.BruceWaller.com to review my leadership book “Find Your Lane” available on amazon.


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