How much will it cost to relocate my candidate(s)?

When a company decides to make an offer to hire a candidate and it involves relocating their family, one of the first questions I hear is “how much will it cost to move the household goods?”.  Employee relocation comes in all shapes and sizes and there are many variables that impact one of the most important parts of the relocation — moving the household goods. The household goods moving costs can vary from an hourly rate when moving locally, to a complex tariff that calculates moving cost by weight and miles when moving across the US, or volume pricing when moving to another country.

The first step to identify the cost for your next candidate moving is to schedule a pre-moving survey with your preferred moving partner to determine the move volume, and any packing required for the household goods move.

Here are some examples to help budget your next candidate(s) household goods move.

LOCAL MOVES are based on an hourly rate. The move volume determines how many movers it will take to load and deliver your household goods. The number of movers will determine how much time it will take which will determine the hourly rate.

Example: A one-bedroom apartment might take 2 men / 1 truck based on 4 hours will cost approx. $400-600, while a 4 bedroom home might require 4-5 men / 1 truck for 8-10 hours approx. $2,000-$4,000… or with full packing could be closer to $5,000-$10,000.

INTERSTATE MOVES are based on a complex tariff that calculates cost by weight, and miles from zip code to zip code.

Each year WorldwideERC provides a U.S. Transfer Activity, Policy, Cost Survey to help identify the average cost for a household goods move along with other relocation costs for benchmarking your program. WorldwideERC’s latest report for the household goods move average cost is. $11,583.00 —- which includes packing services and valuation coverage. We are seeing the manager level average approx. $7,500 per move while executives are closer to $15,000 and up depending on volume. What’s your average candidate relocation cost?

INTERNATIONAL MOVES are based on volume and country location. Cost components include origin, air/ocean transportation, and delivery services including customs clearance. There are different containers that determine the cost of the move such as LIFTVAN container used for small shipments, 20’ Container, 40’ Container, and 45’ Container.

Example, a liftvan container moving from US to UK might cost $3,000-$5,000 while a 20’ container moving to UK could cost closer to $12,000-$14,000.

Other costs associated with each move estimate include number of boxes for packing, valuation coverage, and storage when needed.

CONTAINERS or UHAUL may also be an option when moving a small apartment or home. However, the survey volume will help the candidate determine what size container or moving truck.

The best approach to getting started with a household goods moving budget or relocation service request is to contact a Certified Moving Consultant (CMC), or Certified Relocation Professional (CRP) to discuss moving scope.

The relocation consultant can also help you with a “quick budget” to help you with a moving estimate based on the size of the home before you extend an offer to the candidate.

However, the most accurate pricing for a household goods move will always be an in-home survey. You just never know what a candidate has until you walk through their home to take inventory 


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