Looking to accelerate in your new career? Check out these 10 strategies offered by HR pros to local college students in the DFW area…

In 2018, I signed up to be a mentor with DallasHR mentorship program to give back as a professional in the HR and Mobility space. I think back to the many mentors I’ve had during my career and have always valued and appreciated the positive impact each one has had on my life. I really enjoyed the opportunity to mentor an outstanding student attending Texas Woman’s University. During the program, I was able to offer insight to questions about career goals and plans which included resume review, interview insight, and helping her connect with HR pros in the area. It was a great investment of my time knowing I was able to help her accelerate on her career path. In 2019, I signed up once again and was paired up with another wonderful student attending at University of Texas at Dallas (UTD). We have had a great year learning from each other, exchanging emails, meeting with other HR professionals, as well as completed a video on social media. It has been a great experience once again.

Last week, we completed the program with a Spring finale celebration recognizing the end of the program for spring of 2019. This included a panel of HR experts in the area sharing experiences with mentees and mentors in the program. It was a great opportunity for attendees to ask questions from some of the best of the best in HR. Among the HR pros included Adrianne Court, Kim Pisciotta, Stephanie Joseph, Rachel Ferina and Chrissie Rogers. The panel was facilitated by Kristi Nolan who was responsible for the program. Also attending were committee members Paige Lueckemeyer and Ernest Martinez. 

As I reviewed my notes from the meeting, I was able to come up with 10 strategies that were discussed and can really make a difference for you and others you know getting ready to graduate or enter the workforce. There are so many opportunities to learn from others when you make the commitment to serving others on your journey…

10 strategies to consider when entering the workforce: 

  1. Get involved… in your workplace, and volunteer organizations.
  2. Know the business… check out the latest press releases, talk with others.
  3. Engage with receptionist. She just might be the HR director filling in…
  4. Protect company assets… It’s your job to say no sometimes, but give options available.
  5. Develop balance… with the business, and with people. 
  6. Most rewarding… HR is very rewarding when you make impact with culture, and people.
  7. Be “all in” any role… Whatever role you play, give your very best to move forward.
  8. Referrals make a difference. Expand your network.
  9. When you interview… Initiative, Confidence, and Communication stand out!
  10. Recruiting is great place to start… It is an opportunity to learn about every area of the company since you are recruiting diff positions including developing negotiating skills.  

What would add to this list? What stands out to you? Share your comments below and let’s continue the conversation to help others accelerate in their careers…

Remember, it doesn’t matter if you are a mentor or a mentee, just be one and drive your career with purpose…

Quote of the week: “Know where your life-lines are in your profession.” Kim Pisciotta

Call to Action: Share these strategies with others and start some dialogue. Find a mentor, as well as make sure you are helping a mentee behind you. It will make your career more purposeful and meaningful on your journey! If you have a mentor, let them know how much they help you… They would enjoy knowing it!

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