It’s one of the keys to long term success!

Last weekend, my wife and I traveled to attend a wedding for my sister and brother in laws beautiful daughter. We enjoy weddings for many reasons, but this one especially since it was going to be held in Dripping Springs, Texas which is a great place for a mini vacation. It was a special time and place to see everyone and experience this special event for this young couple. As I listened to the wedding vows, it took me back to my wedding day. The pastor officiating the wedding talked about commitment to all of the things these kids were going to experience in their life. As I reflected, I couldn’t help but think of all the special times that I have experienced with my wife, and many challenges I didn’t know if I would be able to overcome. These kids have no idea about some of the challenges ahead. In fact, we really don’t know what’s ahead in our marriage, or partnerships, or careers… but what we do know is that when we have a great partner, commitments are easier to make and achieve, because we have someone to help us along the way, someone to hold us accountable for the tough choices, someone to talk to and collaborate with, someone for encouragement when times get tough, and most importantly, someone to celebrate experiences and our successes along the journey!

Last week, I was being interviewed by Sherri Elliot, Generational Guru and Host of “Sharing with Sher” and Author of Cracking the Millennial Code. During our conversation, Sher talked about the importance of partnerships during her relocation from Canada many years ago. During the interview, I talk about the importance of a relocation partner and compared it to a concierge, or someone helping you at the local store. An example might be when you are looking for a special type of light, or piece of hardware, it can be frustrating and time consuming trying to find the items on your own, but when you have someone that knows the business or a specialist from the store, it can reduce time, stress, and make it such a better experience. This is the value of a great partner.

You can listen to the show here… (55 Min)

Over the last 16 years with Armstrong Relocation, I have had the honor to partner with many clients. When I think about partnerships, When I think about our partnership value, I think about several things including:

Commitment, Trust, Respect, Values, Engagement, Open Minded, Empathy, Problem Solving, Customer Service, Experience, and more…

In fact, our company drives our business with seven principles we call our Armstrong DNA which include: Unity, Integrity, Relationships, Value, Generosity, Attitude, and Communication…

Partnerships matter and it can make the difference between a good experience and a great experience in our personal life, in our communities, and working with our team members. To experience great results, it takes people and a commitment to be the best partner you can be for long term success.

Some of the commitments I have been proud of include my marriage for the last 33 years (34 next month), Family Commitments, Goal Commitments, Commitments to getting better with certifications in both Relocation and HR, Commitments to the Armstrong Relocation organization since joining in 2004, Commitments to my customers and business partners, Commitment as a volunteer for the last 15 years for both DallasHR, and NTRP, and now a commitment to being the best district director I can be for TexasSHRM, Commitment to writing a book when I made it a goal and it started getting challenging, Commitment for taking piano lessons for the last year, and the commitments to continuous learning to be a resource for others and hopefully help everyone around me get better. When we make a “commitment”, we are saying that we are “ALL IN”.

SO, what stands out to you when you think of commitment in your business or personal life? Are you “ALL IN” to making everyone around you better? Share your comments below and let’s make the commitment to develop great partnerships and be the best we can be! It takes a commitment for any long term success!

Quote of the week:“Two are better than one, because they have a good return on their labor.” (Ecclesiastes)

Call to Action: What commitments did you make this year and have not followed through. Now is a great time to add back to your “to do” list and make impact. Invest in partnerships and drive a better experience for everyone in your path.

This has been A Relocation Minute on “Commitment is critical for long term success ” with Bruce Waller, for more information, call 972-389-5673, or email or check out my social media Facebook and Twitter page. Also, check out to review my leadership book “Find Your Lane” available on amazon.

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