The world’s greatest cover up!

It was in the early 1970’s when my brothers and sisters were able to pull off the greatest cover up of all time. You see, my mother was a bowler. It was her time to get together with friends and enjoy the sport of bowling. She was good… really good. When you are a good bowler, you get your own bowling ball, because you want to use a ball that is comfortable and fits your hand. Most of the bowlers had more than one ball for various reasons… I remember being at home playing with my brothers and sisters while mom was out.  As kids, we played outside all day, no shoes, and stayed out until the sun went down. Once we came in the house, we would hang out in the living room and play games.

As we were sitting in the living room, we found one of mom’s bowling balls and decided to roll it back and forth across the floor. Living room bowling was awesome. The problem was that were always challenging each other by throwing it harder and harder to see who could stop it. Only this time, we could stop it and it went right into the wall — which was made of sheet rock, which meant we had a huge hole in the bottom of the wall… Immediately we knew we were in big trouble. When mom finds out, we are going to get the B-E-L-T! Yikes… Hurry, we need a plan… I got it! Let’s clean the living room and re-arrange the furniture. If we put the sofa in front of the hole in the way… she will never know…

I remember mom coming home and seeing her clean-living room. She was excited and let us all know how proud she was of us for cleaning the living room. I remember thinking we did it. We pulled off the world’s greatest cover up…

One of the things I enjoy most about Memorial Day weekend is the opportunity to spend time with family and friends and honor those who sacrificed their life for our freedom. It’s an opportunity for us to pay our gratitude to those that have served our country. It’s a time for us to just pause and be thankful.

I remember years later when we were together to enjoy the holiday weekend and my mom shared with my brothers and sisters that she always knew we had rolled her ball into the living room wall. We were shocked! She is so smart!!! Not only did she know, but she didn’t scold us for it. Sometimes we just need to just let people know that we love them and how grateful we are for who they are and not worry about the mistakes that have been made. Lift them up and let them know we are there for them.

I pray this Memorial Day weekend that you are surrounded by loved ones as we honor those who served our great country. We are truly blessed to have freedom and to be able to walk this journey together in a safe place we call USA! I am also thankful for you too. God Bless America!

Quote of the week:“It’s no biggie.” Martha Ellen Thornton

Call to Action:  Tell someone how much you appreciate them this weekend. Honor the families of the fallen. Invest in the people zone and value our freedom with family and friends because we know… it wasn’t free.

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