Good, Better, Best! Is relocation part of your onboarding strategy?

Do you remember receiving the offer for your last job? Were you excited about the opportunity ahead? I remember when I received the job offer to move to Dallas Texas. It was emotional. It included starting to work in a new industry, a relocation to Texas for my family, and a new chapter in my life. I remember not knowing the directions to work and using a “mapsco” to get to the office in north Dallas. I also remember being very nervous as I walked in the front door. The day included an orientation, and meet and greet tour with everyone in the office. It also included time with the leader on expectations and some things to be on the lookout for during my 2 week plan of getting started. I remember thinking how everyone made me feel welcome. What was your first day like?

Some of the best companies to work for include great onboarding programs such as:

  • Twitter – Yes to Desk! Employees receive tshirt and bottle of wine.
  • Zappos – Protect the Culture! Employees receive $2000 to quit if not a fit!
  • LinkedIn – New Hire Roadmap! Ice breakers, Lunch and Learn, Tours!

…but what about relocation?

When candidates accept a new job offer, the onboarding process begins and when they need to relocate, then it really starts with helping the family transition to the new city.

So how do you measure up when onboarding talent that needs to relocate? I like to refer to the different options as good, better, and best!

  • Good: We provide the employee a lump sum to support the relocation.
  • Better: We provide our candidates with a moving partner for direct bill so the employee doesn’t stress about knowing who to call as well as “cash out of pocket” paying for moving expenses.
  • Best: We provide our employees consulting to assist with home marketing, house hunting, temp housing, household goods move, and more to help with the transition through a managed policy.

If you have candidates with relocation needs, consider these strategies below to drive a better program for your company…

Invest in a partnership. It really takes a good partner to help drive a good experience when needing to relocate. It’s like providing the new employee a concierge to assist the family with the relocation and allows you to focus on other aspects of your job. There is incredible value in partnerships which includes insights to improve and challenges to watch for during the year!

Develop a policy for success. This is the heartbeat of every relocation program and is the best way to clearly communicate expectations for the candidate and family. It may be a single or tiered policy based on different employee levels. Your relocation partner can assist you with insights and trends to be competitive in your market.

Lastly, consider investing in a WorldwideERC membership for resources and support. This wonderful organization is filled with information to help you navigate the best experience. There are conferences that you can attend as well as the opportunity to get involved with a local chapter to meet others in the industry. Expand your network for success!

So how do you want to measure onboarding for your next candidate?

Quote of the week:“What you do can change over time… but WHY you do it never does.” (Simon Sinek)

Call to Action:  If you don’t have a partnership, reach out to your network for referrals and start the process to grow your program to be one of the best. Your candidates will appreciate it and so will you!

This has been A Relocation Minute on “good better best” with Bruce Waller, for more information, call 972-389-5673, or email or check out my social media Facebook and Twitter page. Also, check out to review my leadership book “Find Your Lane” available on amazon.

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