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I recently attended the DFWTRN (Dallas/Fort Worth Texas Recruiters Network) meeting in Dallas, Texas. This is one of the largest recruiting networks in North Texas that meets regularly to provide education and networking opportunities for talent acquisition professionals. I was excited about this upcoming presentation for a few reasons. First, my good friend Craig Fisher was going to be speaking. He always draws a large crown and always has incredible insight in the tech recruiting space. Second, the educational topic was around video marketing for recruiting, and to help you elevate the employer brand, as well as the employee brand or your personal employee brand. It is also a great opportunity to connect and expand your network with others in the talent acquisition space.

One of the values Craig brings to each presentation is the art of sharing something new. He explores technology and finds out what works and what doesn’t work to be able to share with others. This presentation was titled video marketing for recruiting and included some fascinating statistics which included a few below…

Did you know?

  • Video retweets are 6 times great with a video than a picture. The most important thing is the caption.
  • Instagram has 1 billion users. 80% outside the US and 70% are younger generation.
  • There are 100 Million hours of facebook videos watched daily.
  • 85% of videos are viewed with volume off.
  • Over 1 Billion hours are consumed by YouTube videos
  • Videos create 20 times more than shares on LinkedIn than any other content.
  • 54% of executives share work related videos with colleagues weekly.
  • The key is less employer brand and more employee brand. Be Human!

My biggest takeaway was the importance of captions in the video since 80-85% (depending on platform) of people watch videos with the sound off. Here are some takeaways from DFWTRN attendees Doug Roark, Alishaa Chhabra, David Jaramillo, and Stephenie Schwarz! Click to watch here…


What are you doing to market videos for your company? Share below… If you want to learn more about DFWTRN, visit their website and consider attending an upcoming event!

Quote of the week:“Someday is today.” Steve Gleason

Call to Action:  Are you currently promoting / recruiting / selling with video? Share a tip that works for you? If not, what are you waiting for? Record a video and post on social media to get some feedback. The future of marketing is here…

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