Find Your Lane made it to the Best Career Change Books of All Time

It’s quite an honor to share “Find Your Lane: Change your GPS, Change your Career” has been listed as the #12 best career books on BookAuthority’s Best Career Change Books of All Time: BookAuthority collects and ranks the best books in the world, and it is a great honor to get this kind of recognition. Thank You for all of your support by writing some of the most amazing book reviews on Amazon, as well as posting on social media! This feedback is the fuel to keep sharing with others. It is so inspiring to share this message with others. If you would like to order a copy of this book for you or for someone you know that might need so encouragement, the book is available for purchase on Amazon. Thank you again for sharing with others and all of the continued support. I am truly in the lane of fulfillment!

BookAuthority is the world’s leading website for nonfiction book recommendations, helping people find the best books on any topic and has been featured on CNNForbesand Inc.,

It then collects dozens of different signals about each book (such as public mentions, recommendations, ratings, sentiment and sales history) and uses a proprietary algorithm to rate each book.

Only the very best books are featured in BookAuthority’s lists. To keep our site objective and unbiased, ratings are calculated based purely on data. BookAuthority does not accept authors’ requests to feature a book, nor charge any money to be featured.

Books that were chosen to be featured on BookAuthority are ranked (#1, #2…) based on their star rating. The star rating for each book is calculated using a sophisticated algorithm, taking into account signals such as:

✔ Public mentions of the book
✔ Recommendations, ratings and reviews
✔ Analyzing user behavior and sentiment
✔ Sales history and velocity
✔ Book age, information and editions

Call to action: THANK YOU for all of the amazing 5 STAR book reviews… If you have read “Find Your Lane” and feel like it deserves a great review, I would appreciate you posting on Amazon. If you haven’t read, feel free to pick up a copy, or purchase to share with others that might need some encourage in their career. A book referral is one of the best ways to bring someone a smile!

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  1. Congratulations!!! This time, I love being part of a huge crowd, one of the many who use your insightful and engaging strategies as a necessary roadmap to my unique place in life. Looking forward to next from you! Well done! Sandra Reid, Dallas Baptist University

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