My “Best of Quotes” at SHRM 2019… What’s your favorite?

Many people say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But when it comes the 2019 SHRM National Conference, there is no way to keep this ultra HR conference week a secret. Last week over 20,000 HR professionals traveled the Las Vegas in hopes of learning to create better workplaces and network with some of the best of the best in HR and SHRM did not disappoint.

Every year SHRM brings in a all-star line up of keynotes, entertainment and session speakers to elevate the experience for everyone attending. I was so excited to see Brene Brown’s keynote “Dare to Lead” as well as many mega session speakers such as Kris Dunn, Jennifer McClure, Tim Sackett, Craig Fisher, Steve Browne and more… as a bonus was getting to see Lionel Richie in concert… Hello!

When it comes to conferences, the best part is always the people… it’s about meeting people, making connections, seeing old friends and making new ones… it’s about sharing stories, and experiences from dinners to events… It’s “the ties that bind us” making connections to becoming lifelong friends.

One of the things I enjoy most about attending conference sessions is capturing quotes from different speakers. Quotes are inspiring and often create ideas for dialogue and perspective with others in your network. So today, I want to share the top 10 quotes I captured at SHRM 2019 to inspire you and help you create a better workplace wherever you are! So here they are…

Best of 2019 SHRM Conference quotes by Bruce Waller:.

  1. “We need to focus on the light inside of people.” Steve Browne
  2. “Comfortable is the enemy of awesome.” Jennifer McClure
  3. “We need braver leaders to build courageous culture.” Brene Brown
  4. “Branding is about connecting!” Bob Kelleher
  5. “Hiring disability workers brings creativity and a more empathetic culture.” -Adam Gorlitsky
  6. “Good times never felt so good!” Lionel Richie
  7. “To take care of others, you must take care of yourself first.” Blake Mycoskie
  8. “Let’s find better ways to create better workplaces.” Johnny C. Taylor, Jr.
  9. “Leadership is holding space for other people to have great ideas.” Brene Brown
  10. “Change your world first, so we can change the world.” Jenn Lim

Whats your favorite quote? Share in comments below and let’s create a better workplace together.

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Quote of the week:“Change your thoughts and you change your world.” Norman Vincent Peale

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