What are you re-playing? Use this strategy to “win” in the workplace!

On my journey to trying to become a better leader, I have found the ultimate coaching and mentor-ship in reading books. Some of the best books I have discovered were through referrals… a friend sharing a book they read or referring a book that inspired them to take action. I’ve also been inspired to purchase books after listening to an inspiring message by a speaker… as well as “book clubs” that selected a book to read and discuss some of the different leadership lessons as a group. Last month I was referred a book to read with others called “Nine Lies About Work” by Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall. This is a great book full of some great leadership lessons in which I hope to share in future posts. In this post, I want to share something that really stood out to me and believe this strategy is the key to really move people in a positive way.

In chapter 8 called “People need feedback”, there is a section about the great Tom Landry, who was a head coach of the Dallas Cowboys for 29 seasons. His approach to developing people really caught my attention. In the book, Buckingham and Goodall talk about how Coach Landry took a team from the bottom of the division early in his career to becoming world champions with his approach to development. One of the things he did this was to view performance from a different perspective than other coaches. While many other coaches were reviewing film with players and teaching them to improve missed tackles, and dropped balls, Coach Landry was reviewing film with his players on small wins. He combined film on previous games that only included the plays each player performed well. He believed that if you will focus on pointing out the positive plays, players would see what excellence looked like and could better focus on repeating. The wrong way to do things was infinite and the right way for players was not. Coach Landry said, “We only replay your winning plays”.

You see, when we praise our team members on some they did well, it is easier for them to see it, and repeat it with excellence because they know what it looks like. Focusing on the good plays keeps things simple and provides encouragement. It gives team members a sense of belief and creates momentum too. When employees know they are doing good work, they are engaged, brings ideas, innovation, and value for everyone! In my book, Find Your Lane, I refer to these people as “lifters” in our careers.

Praising an employee also becomes a “MILEMARKER” for them which is a moment on our journey where we can all look back and remember how we felt that moment in time… and remembering when someone praised us for doing something good is definitely one of those times. It’s these moments when team members feel a sense of caring in their work, but more importantly as a person in the workplace.

Some of these moments are special times for me too because I can point to many “milemarkers” that have helped shape my career… Here are just a few:

  • A senior level leader sending me an encouraging note for good work.
  • A wonderful customer speaking about the value of our partnership.
  • My boss sending an email to the company on a recent partner win.
  • Receiving a “VIP” badge at a conference for being a volunteer leader.
  • People in my network posting comments or sharing social media post.
  • Someone sharing how a presentation inspired them to take action.
  • A customer sending a follow up note on their moving experience.

The power of praise is empowering and sets the tone to deliver the ultimate customer experience. It’s the fuel to help the employee continue driving with purpose. Do you remember the last time you were praised? What did it feel like? I am pretty sure it made you feel special and valued that day. Now, when is the last time you praised someone for performing with excellence? Are you reviewing the plays that work or focusing your time on plays that fail?

Share comments on strategies you are using to praise others for performance and let’s create a ripple effect!

Quote of the week:People are amazing and all they need is a little hope and opportunity to shine.” Cecilia “Cici “Clark

Call to Action:  Try to catch people doing things well this week and let them know by the power of praise. It might be an employee, or a vendor, or even someone in your family. Encourage them to continue delivering with excellence and start a ripple effect for others to model.

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