Reflect, Reset, and Resume! Making your mark as a leader…

Oprah Winfrey once said that everyone wants 3 things in life… they want to be seen, heard, and understood…One way we can do this is by capturing our thoughts, our highlights, our moments… on our journey. There are many ways to share our words today, especially with social media, but for me the most impact in last 20 years has been through journaling.

In 1998, my wife purchased me a journal to write down my thoughts and capture these special moments in time on paper the last few months my grandmother was battling cancer. Several years later, I looked back at my journal reflecting on these special moments in time with both a smile and a few tears. I realized at that moment how powerful journaling was for me by capturing these meaningful moments in my life. It was a chance to go back in time and see all of the good happening in my life, some funny moments, and sad moments too. In fact, it was so powerful, I purchased another journal(s) for work, health and fitness, as well as one for prayer.

In 2011, I started sharing some of these teaching moments online as I continued to journal and in 2016 captured these stories to publish in a book the following year that has taken me to another place in life. Journaling has been an incredible experience and a big part of recording my journey… it becomes our memoir!

This weekend, I am publishing my next book called Milemarkers: A Five-Year Journey for others to have an opportunity to record their own personal moments too. It’s a 5-year journal to record your daily highlights. The book includes 200 inspirational quotes to help us fill each day with a positive mindset. The best part is that it’s set up for you to only need to invest couple minutes each day to write down a highlight for the day and help you get in a rhythm of writing down things that matter most every day.

The best part is that each year you can look at what you were doing the previous year like Facebook memories for reflection and to share these moments with others. It will be introspective and an amazing way to capture your journey in your personal life or in the workplace. When we capture our journey, we are able to pull over and reflect, reset, and resume!

  1. Reflect. When times get tough or we feel stuck, we can pull over and look back on what we accomplished the previous day, month or year and find some of the good happening on our journey to help us move forward again. It helps us find the gratitude!
  2. Reset. When you bowl and knock all the pins down, the lane must reset to put new pins up to keep bowling. No reset means you stop. We all need to make sure we hit the reset button on our mindset each down to keep moving forward and growing on our journey.
  3. Resume. Once we are able to reflect, we have more self-awareness on what matters, then reset our mindset, we can resume with confidence knowing we are heading down the road that matters most… the lane of fulfillment!

The process will also help you make your mark in your leadership. When we capture our journey, we can go back and share stories to help drive better experience with others on our journey. It also helps us with tracking goals, and other initiatives too… Start the journaling process today and be on the lookout for my new book, Milemarkers coming this weekend! It’s better than any book… It’s your book!

Quote of the week:Be brave, be you.” Yvonne K. Freeman

Call to Action:  Pull over and Reflect, Reset and Resume… Consider starting a journal. Share with a friend to experience together. When you see the link for milemarkers this weekend, order a book for you and a friend, and/or your team. Let’s start recording our journey together… to share with others! It will be our memoir!  

This has been A Relocation Minute on “Reflect, Reset, and Resume ” with Bruce Waller, for more information, call 972-389-5673, or email or check out my social media Facebook and Twitter page. Also, check out to review my leadership book “Find Your Lane” available on amazon.

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  1. I love your sharing easy ways to do hard things! The inch by inch approach to healthy growth and development! You are the most “all in” leader I know! Can’t wait to be amongst first to receive my journal! I’m thinking Christmas and birthday gifts!

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