Are you making your mark as a leader?

Years ago, when I graduated from college and decided to make a career change, it involved making the decision to leave our family business and relocate to Dallas, Texas to start something new. Little did I know how special this journey was going to be. I remember the excitement about the road ahead and how nervous I was on my first day of work. As a young manager, I trained that summer on the front line as part of the moving crew. I was learning to pack boxes, and load furniture. One of the things that I learned was there was a skill to the loading and unloading moving trucks to be efficient and also realized how challenging it was to carry pianos and move sofas and other furniture up multiple flights of stairs – in the heat of the summer! Yikes! In fact, my local operations manager even persuaded me to get a CDL (commercial driver license) so I could supervise my own moving crews as the lead driver. Before I knew it, I was driving all over the city and state helping families relocate. Once I completed my training, I then moved into the office to lead a team for our company. Since then I moved onto leading a company as a general manager and now being a sales leader for the largest companies in the US!

During this time, I remember thinking on many occasions that  “I wished” I would have done something special with my career after graduating college and got depressed when I thought about how I ended up just “being a mover” and how other people were doing things like working in the medical field, or practicing law, or teaching and coaching sports to make impact on people’s lives. I really got depressed on many occasions and haven’t really expressed this to anyone until now… I think back now and realize many people might have similar thoughts and wanted to share my story. But then it hit me… I was doing something special in my career. I was helping people by building their trust and reducing stress during the most stressful time of their life. When people move, they go through many emotions including fear about the unknown ahead. When I realized how much I could impact people, this is when I turned it up. I started focusing less on me and my job and more on the people relocating and what their needs were.

Same thing when I decided to volunteer, I started focusing more on adding value for others and less on what I needed to have success. Then I found ways to add value though teachable moments on my blog, which later turned into a book… and now a NEW personal journal!

You see, we all have an opportunity to make our mark as a leader in any career we choose, we just have to make the choice to look for ways to help others. It may be through writing, speaking, or volunteering time to help an organization. As a leader, we need to be asking the question, “how can I be a better resource for people in my path? What is something I can share with someone today that will help them with a challenge. As a volunteer, how can I make maximum impact?”. We all have incredible strengths that can really impact people. We just have to make the decision to start using them to help others.

When we make the decision to look beyond our world and into the world of others, that is when we will start making our mark as a leader and find the joy in our career.

Today, my goal is to continue to find ways to add value and be a positive influence with anyone in my network. I want to help people connect, grow, and move! One of my latest projects is a 5-year personal journal that I just released called Milemarkers. I am hoping this special resource will help people start recording daily highlights such as gratitude or tracking goals, or just recording everyday life in the workplace or at home. Each date includes 5 years so you can look back to what you were doing on that day each year. It also includes 200 inspirational quotes.

My hope is that people will look back and see they are doing good in the world and to continue looking for ways to keep adding value for others in their path and not wish anything different!   

MILEMARKERS: A 5 Year Journey… Now available on Amazon

…start recording your legacy!

Quote of the week:“Always operate in a mindset of gratitude, our mind believes what we think and our path to success starts with our attitude.” Lynne Stewart

Call to Action:  What are you doing to make your mark? Now is the time to ask yourself some of these questions, and find ways to add more value. I want to also challenge you to also start recording your daily highlights using milemarkers and watch the transformation on your journey!  

This has been A Relocation Minute on “Are you making your mark ” with Bruce Waller, for more information, call 972-389-5673, or email or check out my social media Facebook and Twitter page. Also, check out to review my leadership book “Find Your Lane” and now my 5 year personal journal “Milemarkers” also available on amazon.

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