What is the best advice you ever received in your career?

I have received some great advice from many leaders over the course of my career, but the advice I received in 2002 was a game changer and remember it like it was yesterday. One morning sitting in my office as the new operations manager, I called my brother to tell him about the mess I just took on at a new company and how I hadn’t been able to identify anyone on my team with passion or even a little bit of positive energy that could help me turn our operations around in our company. He asked if I knew anyone outside the organization that I could bring on board and I said there is a guy that I know that is not only positive, but is filled with passion and was someone I knew that could trust if I could get him to come on board. My brother shared that if I didn’t pick up the phone and call him this afternoon to recruit him on my team that he was going to call him and hire him.

He said in order to move a company forward, you have to start by surrounding yourself with great people that you can trust and exudes passion to model for others for maximum impact. If you don’t get the right people on board, you will be destined to not only fail but have a lot of stress and misery during the entire process. That afternoon I called my friend Heitor and the rest was history. Not only did we make our operations profitable, but we changed the culture from mediocre to a culture of excellence. Heitor helped transform our operations by hiring the right people, setting expectations, and holding each person accountable along the way. He exuded positive energy that was infectious and made his team feel like they were valued and part of something special… like family.

A few years later when I decided to make a career change and move to a new company, my brother hired Heitor and he transformed his company operations too. It’s always about people and always will be about people! People that have passion, people that you can trust, people that care and people that want to make a difference.

These types of people are special because they have an innate ability to connect with people, know how to seek out resources, and understand the importance of building networks to help get things done.

When we find these special people, we need to hire and empower them as quickly as possible and watch our department / organization accelerate… The best part of all is they will become lifelong friends that we can always count on in both our career and our personal life. I will always be thankful to my brother for sharing this sound advice for me as a young leader.

What’s the best advice you ever received? Share below…

…oh, and if you are needing help… my advice is to pick up the phone and just ask!

Quote of the week: “Culture is what you permit and promote.” Charlyn Renfrow

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    Among other things, being a leader is a commitment to be misunderstood. How you deal with misunderstanding will define your leadership to your people.

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