What stories are you sharing? It’s more than a game…

As I was watching the pre-game highlights to open the college football season, I heard a story that really caught my attention. The story was being told by Ex Florida Quarterback Danny Wuerffel as he was sharing a story about one of the college football games that he remembers with his head coach Steve Spurrier. Danny was sharing about a game in which he was playing quarterback and tried to make a big play by throwing a long pass to the receiver. Unfortunately the ball sailed over the receiver’s head and into the arms of the opposing team for an interception. Danny knew he had made a bad throw and quickly ran off the field to talk to his coach about it. He told the coach that it was his fault and he was taking responsibility for the bad throwing error that caused the turnover. He said Coach Spurrier put his hand on his shoulder and said “no son, it was actually my fault! It was my fault for even putting you in the game… So go sit on the bench – you’re out of the game.” The both laughed… I laughed too!

I love these stories. It’s my favorite part about the college football season. The stories breath life into the game. It’s about relationships, competition, friends, work, struggles, successes, challenges, upsets, underdogs, barbecues, conversations, family, traditions and more. It’s more than a game… it’s about the stories.

Which makes me think about our workplace. We also face challenges, struggles competition, success, failure and progress, etc… Our workplace is also about the stories. In fact, when we are visiting with co-workers, coaching employees, or even being coached, the stories shared are the moments of impact, the times we remember and help us relate to the situation. Which makes me wonder… what stories are you sharing?

Are they stories about experiences to help people see why they should join our team? Are they stories that invite people to participate? Are they stories of times we were challenged to get better? Stories about growth or success? Stories that tie us together as a family in our organizations? The biggest question, can we laugh at them when they are over – no matter how big the challenge?  Stories bring us together!

I want you to challenge you to look for opportunities to share your stories and start a conversation. When we share stories, we create:

  1. Entry points
  2. Engagement
  3. Experiences

When we share our stories, we bring others into the conversations. We learn about ourselves and others along the way. It also provides reflection on our experiences in the workplace and in life. We also attract people into our tribe and create #milemarkers for us to measure our progress in our careers.

I remember early in my career driving 8 hours for a new business opportunity only to realize I wasn’t meeting with the decision maker and failed to sign a contract. It seemed like a wasted trip and definitely my fault for making this error in the sales process, and my boss was probably thinking the same thing as Coach Spurrier. It was fault, I shouldn’t have put Bruce in the game 🙂 Thankfully, my boss let me stay in the game so I could share this funny story of failure many years later!  

Yes, it is so much more than a game… It’s life!

Quote of the week: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Will Rogersr

Call to Action:  What stories are you sharing about your career, or workplace? Consider having a conversation with your colleagues or business partners for best experiences. Are you creating entry points. engagement, and experiences? Get in the game and share your stories below. I would enjoy hearing from you – and so would your network!

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