Bruce Waller’s Relocation MVP Series, Meet Shawn Sweeney, a global mobility expense reporting specialist!

In today’s market, global mobility continues to be an important strategy for companies wanting to achieve business goals and growth in the US and abroad. In order to serve our clients with excellence, we must be surrounded by MVP’s that can help us deliver in this fast-paced disruptive economy. Building great partnerships not only helps us serve the customer, but also helps us create a larger platform to share our story with more people around the world. The more we share, the more we can educate the mobility community on the importance of managed mobility services and deliverables available to help make the employee relocation a better experience for both the employee and the family. Together, we can make a difference!

Today, I want you to meet Shawn Sweeney, Senior Vice President, Orion Mobility. I have known Shawn for many years and have always appreciated his passion around expense management. He is truly an expert in the mobility space and a great resource to have on your team…  

Now let’s meet Shawn!

  • Name: Shawn Sweeney
  • Company: Orion Mobility
  • Where were you born? Vallejo California (Napa Valley)
  • How did you get in this industry? My first job out of college was a Marketing Assistant with a large household goods carrier.  Never left the industry.
  • How long have you been in the industry? 18 years
  • What do you enjoy most about this industry? The people.  This is a small industry and we all know each other.  Whether you are competitors or colleagues, we all work together and help each other provide high-end relocation services to our clients.
  • Describe your services: We provide global expense management, payment services and relocation technology.
  • Are there different levels of this service for different levels of employees? Yes, every client has different needs, so we partner with our clients to create a custom solution.
  • Do you offer this service available nationwide? Our services are global.
  • What are 5 things a corporation should know about this service?
    • 1. Expense management is about Compliance.  Make sure you are compliant.
    • 2. We audit expenses and invoices to make sure you are properly charged based on your contract with vendors.
    • 3. We provide global payments into all countries around the world in any currency.  This is not as easy as it sounds!
    • 4. Orion’s technology centralizes data to streamline your relocation process.
    • 5. 30 year’s experience!
  • What is the average cost or investment in this service? Our services are typically priced on a per file basis.  Services are between $50 and $650 per file, depending on the amount of expense, audit and payment services provided.
  • How are you different than others? Our people.  Orion has 30 year’s experience in providing expense management service but our expense analysts have more than 12 years tenure.  Our clients worked with the same staff year after year.
  • Why should companies use you versus giving the employee money? Compliance is the number one reason to use Orion.  Orion makes sure the corporation and the individual employee is compliant with IRS tax issues.

MVP Final Round:

  • Favorite Book: Monday Morning Leadership by David Cottrell.  I read it every year to make sure I keep perspective.
  • Favorite Quote: Doing the right thing isn’t always easy – but doing the right thing is always right.
  • Something people don’t know about you: I went to college on a music scholarship to play trumpet.
  • Best advice someone shared that you also share with others: Be genuine. People know when someone is being genuine and honest.
  • Personal or Professional Goal you would like to achieve in next 5-10 years: I would like to sky dive and start my own company.

Outstanding! Thanks so much for sharing, Shawn! We appreciate the service you provide around global mobility expense management to help elevate the experience for anyone relocating around the world. You are truly a Mobility MVP! For more information on Orion Mobility, visit or send Shawn an email .

This interview is by Bruce Waller, CRP, PHR, SHRM-CP, Vice President, Armstrong Relocation and Companies in Dallas, Texas. If you have questions, or would like to recommend a Relocation Professional to be featured in Bruce Waller’s Relocation MVP’s, call 972-389-5673 or email You can also sign up for the weekly blog and read in “A Relocation Minute” at

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