What do tough mudders and conferences have in common? It’s all about the connection!

Last weekend, I experienced the Tough Mudder race in Dallas with family and friends. My son-in-law had asked me and my brother to join them last year, but we had a conflict. When we saw there was no conflict for 2019, we decided to go for it. The tough mudder is a nationwide race event for everyone. It’s approximately 10-12 miles of running through hiking trails with challenging obstacles along the way to break up the race. Each obstacle is anywhere from a half to a full mile between each other and ranges from mud crawls, to all types of climbs. The race obstacles are all super challenging and takes a team spirit to help you get through the run. It was fun, challenging, and tiring, but the experience will last a life time. As I was running, I got to a point where I needed to walk to get some energy for the next obstacle. When I slowed down, my team said no problem, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. This made me think about some of the opportunities we have in the workplace. There are times when we need to just slow down and find the energy to get through the upcoming obstacles in the workplace.

One of the best ways to do this is to identify a conference in your primary field of interest and register. Conferences allow us to get away from the office, and learn from others. I have never been to a conference where I didn’t come away with at least one idea, and one new contact. Actually, I usually come away with many ideas and many contacts. As we approach the end of the 3rd quarter, its time to start thinking about how we can finish strong in the new year. Attending a conference just might be the key to create some momentum for that strong finish!  

Are you in HR or Mobility? This may be a time for you to slow down and “get out of the office” to learn about what’s happening around relocating talent once you have made the decision to help them relocate.  On October 3, 2019, the North Texas Relocation Professionals will be hosting a full day relocation conference. This is a great opportunity for anyone in HR and mobility to get out of the office and learn from some of the best in relocation. Some of the opportunities will include:

  1. RMC Panel. Hear from relocation management companies about what’s ahead when relocating talent. How many times can you hear RMC’s talk about what’s ahead with an unbiased opinion.
  2. Corporate Panels. When was the last time you reached out to another relocation professional in corporate about managing relocation? This is a great time to be front row and center!
  3. Lunch questions… Learn what others in the room have to say about questions during lunch as we flash the “live” questions and results in the room.
  4. Networking… Play our networking game and get to know others in the industry.
  5. Selfie Station. Take a picture with friends at conference and post on social media.

One of the things that struck me about the tough mudder is how we needed others to help us through the race. There was a time I was trying to get over a wall, and needed a hand from a teammate to get me through it. There were other times I was slipping in the mud, but a teammate was there to help me keep going. We need each other, we need partners and resources. Conferences are a great place to find these to help us get though the tough times. When we make the choice to get out of the office and invest our time learning, we can bring more to our companies and we can bring even more to our employees.

Here is the best part… When we finished completing the race, we all had a higher level of connectivity and experience that would keep us tied together for life. Isn’t it great when we are connected by our experiences? It’s the ties that bind us…

Register here for the NTRP Conference

Can’t make it to Dallas on October 3? …check out some of the other upcoming HR, Talent Acquisition, or Mobility conferences:

When we are intentional about our continuous learning, we grow in our profession, and connect with others on a higher level. Conferences allow us to do this. Lets drive with a higher purpose and accelerate. The best is yet to come…

Quote of the week:“When was the last time you did something for the first time?” -Darius Rucker

Call to Action:  Let me know if you have ever competed in the tough mudder… I would enjoy hearing your story and knowing we are in the tribe together! Also, register for one of the conferences below and lets connect to make it a better experience.

This has been A Relocation Minute on “tough mudder and conferences” with Bruce Waller, for more information, call 972-389-5673, or email bwaller@goarmstrong.com or connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter. Also, check out www.BruceWaller.com to review my leadership book “Find Your Lane” and my new “Milemarkers” journal available on amazon. Both make a great gift!

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