What’s on your calendar? Plan ahead and accelerate!

I was recently having lunch with some business partners and a question that often comes up is around leveraging time. We are all busy… busy, busy, busy!  We see other people having success and sometimes wonder how they find time to do what they do. When I was asked the question, “how do you find the time to ______…” I simply reply, just schedule it”.  It’s easy to do, and it’s easy not to do depending on our environment.

I have not always done a good job in this area, but learned this lesson from someone who seemed to be having a lot of success. I was attending a weekend workshop with some business leaders years ago. At the conclusion of the workshop, the attendees and sponsors played a round of golf. During a conversation with an executive, he was sharing all of the different places he had played golf. I stopped and asked, I know your role requires a lot, and you are super busy, so how do you find the time to play so much golf? He looked at me and said, “I just schedule it”. Bam! It sounds so simple… but is it? The answer is yes.  However, it requires the discipline of planning ahead, which is the part that many of us miss.

Planning ahead will help us accelerate in our career…  Early in my career, I learned to plan annual goals and activity for achievement, then later learned to plan monthly, then weekly, and now daily. Its about getting in front and deciding what is most important to you and the goals you have in place for both your career and your personal life.

One of the things I like to do at the end of each month is write down activities that I want to schedule for the month. Some of my scheduled items will include coffee / lunch meet ups with customers, clients and business partners. I also include meetings and conferences I want to attend for networking. Most importantly, I include personal time for growth and family time too… Family time is important. One of the things that brings me joy is seeing others that make this important too. For example, I have a friend that makes attending the Texas State Fair opening day a priority for her family and friends – every year. Its on her calendar. We may have other things that come up, but when we schedule our priorities, then we can easily move new appointments to another day.

What’s on your schedule for October? Some of the things I have scheduled include speaking at a conference, coffee/lunch meet ups with clients and friends, and potential client connections too. I also have personal time and family trips included! Once everything is scheduled, then it is time to open blocks for other activities to help me accomplish my goals.  

What do you need to plan? …a personal vacation, lunch with a business partner or colleague, outline a strategy to achieve a business goal, how about a call to someone you’ve been meaning to reach out to, or maybe learning something new? In my book, Find Your Lane, I call this planning your road map and include some ideas to help you on your journey. Schedule the time and make the investment.

When we plan ahead, we drive our life with purpose, we decrease our stress levels, and create more joy in our careers. Find your lane and plan your roadmap. The best is yet to come…  

Call to Action:  Take 30 minutes out of your day and write down all of your scheduled activity for the month. Make sure you fill some of these gaps with both personal time and people time to help you grow, connect, and move to another level. The people connection is the best part, or what I like to call the lane of fulfillment.   

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