Bruce Waller’s Relocation MVP’s, Meet Sharrell Kilgore, a mortgage expert in the mobility space!

In today’s market, global mobility continues to be an important strategy for companies wanting to achieve business goals and growth in the US and abroad. In order to serve our clients with excellence, we must be surrounded by MVP’s (Most Valuable Partners) that can help us deliver in this fast-paced disruptive economy. Building great partnerships not only helps us serve the customer, but also helps us create a larger platform to share our story with more people around the world. The more we share, the more we can educate the mobility community on the importance of managed mobility services and deliverables available to help make the employee relocation a better experience for both the employee and the family. Together, we can make a difference!

Today, I want you to meet Sharrell Kilgore, Director, Sales and Client Services. Premia Relocation Mortgage. I have known Sharrell for many years and have always appreciated her genuine approach to connecting with people and passion around mobility. She is a mortgage expert in the mobility space and would be a great resource to have on your team when relocating talent. 

Now let’s meet Sharrell!

  • Name: Sharrell Kilgore
  • Company: Premia Relocation Mortgage
  • Where were you born? Gainesville, FL   
  • How did you get in this industry? My boss at Cartus knew I was destined for more than I was doing for him, so he recommended me back to PHH on the Relo side.  Initially got into Real Estate in 1999 after I purchased my first house and had a bad experience with a local mortgage broker…I wanted to educate people to stay away from him…Vigilante that I am. 😊
  • How long have you been in the industry? Since 1999, 20 years, really?!?
  • What do you enjoy most about this industry? The good hearts of the people in this industry.
  • Describe your services:  We provide top level relocation mortgage services to many Fortune 500 companies, and serve more than 30 Relocation management companies.  We deliver service that gives us #paragraphsofpraise from our customers and our clients.
  • Are there different levels of this service for different levels of employees? Yes, we provide relocation mortgage and employee benefit mortgage packages.
  • Do you offer this service available nationwide? 49 out of 50 states…We don’t have a physical office in Hawaii, yet…but I’m trying to negotiate a move for myself.
  • What are 5 things a corporation should know about this service?
    1. Service Matters – Our focus is on being High Tech, High Touch
    2. Our DigitalMove mortgage platform simplifies and speeds the process
    3. We ONLY do relocation and employee benefit mortgage, so we aren’t bombarding transferees with additional services…it also makes us an expert in following relocation policies.
    4. We customize the right products and programs for each of our customers needs and goals.
    5. Tenure matters and we average 20 years on our teams…there is very little that we haven’t seen or worked through with our customers.
  • What is the average cost or investment in this service?  We provide this service for FREE to our clients.  Each individual loan and relocation policy is different, but to our corporate clients, there is not a fee to work with us as a trusted Relocation or Employee Benefit Mortgage Provider.
  • How are you different than others?  Our level of service really sets us apart…every loan gets concierge level service…and that makes the process smoother and simpler for our customers.
  • Why should companies use you versus giving the employee money?  Currently, we work with companies who offer direct billing of new home closing costs as well as those who just offer their employees money.  We will follow relocation policies, or offer great service and rates if they don’t have a formalized policy.  We are flexible.

MVP Final Round:

  • Favorite Book:  Luke
  • Favorite Quote:  “Smile, you never know who’s watching”
  • Something people don’t know about you: Cooking is my love language; you know I love you when I cook for you.
  • Best advice someone shared that you also share with others:  God first, Family second, Then Work…Keep your priorities straight.
  • Personal or Professional Goal you would like to achieve in next 5-10 years:  There are a few business ideas that I’d like to pursue in addition to my corporate career.  Professionally, I want to help build Premia into the very TOP Relo Mortgage company in the industry.

Well done, Sharrell. Thank you so much for sharing… and keep smiling my friend. We appreciate you letting us get to know you more as well as learning more about the services you provide around mobility mortgage support to help elevate the experience for anyone relocating. You are truly a Relocation MVP! For more information on Premia Relocation Mortgage, visit or send Sharrell an email  . If you are not connected, get connected with Sharrell at We are better together!

This interview is by Bruce Waller, CRP, PHR, SHRM-CP, Vice President, Armstrong Relocation and Companies in Dallas, Texas. If you have questions, or would like to recommend a Relocation Professional to be featured in Bruce Waller’s Relocation MVP’s, call 972-389-5673 or email  You can also sign up for the weekly blog and read in “A Relocation Minute” at

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