Share the glory challenge… Do you accept?

In his book, “The Score Takes Care Of Itself”, Coach Bill Walsh shares a story about “sharing the glory”. He talks about when he was an assistant coach for the Cleveland Browns. During the games, the offensive coordinator (Coach Walsh) would call the plays down to the head coach (Coach Brown) in the headset, then coach Brown would tell the quarterback the offensive play.  During the interview after the game, the coach Brown would say that he “chose or decided” the play to call which ended up winning the game.  He never gave credit or mentioned the guy that was actually calling the plays to help the team win. After experiencing this type of leadership, Coach Walsh decided that he would never let his assistants feel this way. He would make sure people knew the value they were brining to the organization. Coach Walsh later became the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers, winner of five Superbowl championships.

When we share the glory, we elevate our leadership. When we receive the credit, we feel more valued and strive to keep getting better. When asked about advice, I always talk about the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people. The right people will share the glory, and make you feel like a valued member of the team. Many times, we might wonder why we are in difficult situations in the workplace, and it is often challenging when we don’t feel valued. However, this may be an opportunity to learn how to deal with adversity and the important lesson of “how not to lead”.

Since writing my book, Find Your Lane, people often ask me the question about how we know when we find our lane, or when we need to make a lane change. I always start with the people. When we are surrounded by people that include us, encourage us, and share the glory, the opportunities are endless. Look around… who is leading you? … and more importantly, who are you leading?

So, here is a challenge for us this week. How can we share the glory? Here are 10 ideas to start…

  1. Walk up to someone on your team, and let them know something they are doing that is adding value.
  2. Send a note to your service partner(s) and let them know how much you appreciate their partnership and the value they bring each day. This has made my day on more than one occasion.
  3. Post a note of LinkedIn or twitter and tag your network. My friend Steve Browne is so good at this. When my notifications blows up with likes, I always know Steve is out there. It brings good to my day for all.
  4. If you know someone who has written a book, post a review on amazon. Once I published my book, Find Your Lane, and later Milemarkers, I got to experience how it feels. Its very encouraging a special moment we all remember… it’s truly a milemarker!
  5. Write a personal note to someone on your team. My boss has been doing this since I joined the Armstrong team in 2004. He is always sharing the glory with his team. This is one of the reasons I have been at Armstrong for 16 years!
  6. Share a quote and tag someone. Let them know you inspire them.
  7. How about writing a linkedin recommendation without someone asking! It’s Powerful!
  8. Share someone’s post on social media. People love to know their posts are being valued so much…. that we would share with others.
  9. Have a “post it note” day and ask everyone to post a note in a dedicated area. Lake Dallas students recently did this at school!
  10. Write a note and send it to someone’s boss. Now that is going above and beyond. What do you think your contact will say? Wow!

Do you accept the challenge?

What would you add to this list? If so, post a picture of what you shared with hashtag #BeALifter. When we lift up others, it will add energy and fuel for everyone! You never know, your one act of kindness just might help someone with a breakthrough.

Call to Action: “Great leaders give everyone something to believe in, not something to do.” Simon Sinek

This has been A Relocation Minute on “Share the Glory” with Bruce Waller, for more information, call 972-389-5673, or email or check out my social media Facebook and Twitter page. Also, check out to review my leadership book “Find Your Lane” and my 5 year Leadership Journal “Milemarkers” available on amazon.

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