It’s more than a pen….

It’s the little things that mean the most. When I was leaving the Arbuckle Area SHRM meeting in Ardmore, Oklahoma, a long standing board member named Vance gave me this pen and said “thank you for coming and being an ambassador for our city”. It says “Ardmore Chamber Amassador”. I could tell during the meeting that Vance was an ambassador to the organization and well respected among his peers.

What does it mean to be an ambassador? When we become an ambassador for our organization, we are ALL IN. We drive conversations each day with a purpose to share the mission with others. This is what it takes to build an organization… a room full of ambassadors ready to share a story about why you should know more about the organization and the value it brings to the team.

When we become a member of any organization or join a company in our career, we should think about ways to be an ambassador to share with others. It might be our vision, mission or values. It could be something we did to take care of a customer, or celebrating a team member. It could be a personal invitation to an event… or something we are excited about sharing like an award or something that links us together.

This is how we build brand. This is how we build culture. …and most importantly, it’s how we build our organization to be the very best. Thank you for being an outstanding ambassador, Vance. Your organization is lucky to have you.

So, what are you doing to be an ambassador on your organization? Share below…

Quote of the week: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

Call to Action: Start where you are and look for ways to be an ambassador in your organization. Start a conversation with others. You just might even start with handing someone something small like a pen to make them feel special. It’s the little things that make the most impact.

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