8 Questions to help you develop elite talent in 2020!

December is such a great time of the year. It’s a time for reflection and celebrating the Christmas holiday. It’s a time for review and planning the new year. It also marks the end of the college football season. Many people know that I enjoy college football. It’s more than a game. It’s all about the connections and the stories that inspire us. One of the things I enjoy most is “Game Day” in which coaches and players talk about upcoming games, team strategies, and players making impact. Last week, I heard something that really connecting me and wanted to share around attracting people and developing them.

Urban Meyer is a college football analyst and recent football coach that won national championships at Ohio State and Florida and has been very successful attracting great players and developing for next level. He recently shared a statistic that really stood out. He said, the major difference in elite teams and average teams is the ability to attract great talent, but then goes on to say you have to develop them too. He shared a statistic that Alabama and Ohio State have both put close to 50 players in the NFL over the last 3 years, and Texas has less than 20… He was basically saying that Texas was not developing their players for next level which shows in the record, but more importantly it shows by NFL draft. Now, I am not sure how accurate this is, or who all this applies too, but it was a great example around the importance of attracting talent in the workplace. However, if we are not focused on developing them for “elite” status once we get them into the organization, then we are going to see average results year after year. We may have some good years, but it’s going to be hard to stay at the top! So how can we develop them?  Here are a few questions to think about as you complete your business planning process?

  1. Are they involved in the business plan?
  2. Do they have goals? What about personal goals?
  3. Are they encouraged to attend networking events?
  4. Are they empowered to get a certification?
  5. What books/podcasts are they reading and discussing with the team?
  6. When is the last time you asked them to share a presentation with the group?
  7. Are you sending them to conference?
  8. Are we spending time teaching the business?

These are just a few questions…  Most of these questions might make team members uncomfortable, but we must get out of our comfort zones for next level success. What would you add? How much time are we investing in training and development?

Earlier this week, our Texas SHRM District Director Mitch Beckman was featured on SHRM HR Story tellers. He talked about 3 strategies to level up and add value through lifelong learning. You can see it here.  Share it with your team. Start a conversation around “adding value” for the business? You will be amazed about the engagement!

So, how can we develop our players to “next level” or elite professionals like some of the premier college football teams in 2020? Now is a great time to have a conversation and discuss strategies with business leaders. It’s all about people and will always be about people…

So, invest in the people zone for the biggest return on your business!

Quote of the week: “Adding value if the most important thing you can do in any job.” Andrew Grove, Former CEO Intel

Call to Action: Share the video with your team. What takeaways do you have? What can we do in 2020 to move the needle and develop talent to help create more value for the business? Share takeaways below … I would enjoy hearing from you.

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