20 ideas and predictions for 2020… Are you ready?

Happy New Year! Thanks so much for reading and sharing my blog with others this year. It absolutely makes my day when you comment, engage in a social post, and share with others. We never know who is waiting for a message we have to share that can lift someone’s spirit, help with a current problem, or possibly inspire someone vaunt to another level.

As we move into the new year, many of us often think about New Year’s resolutions or goals to write down to help us achieve something greater or to get better in our career and personal life. I’ve been writing down goals and pursuing them consistently for the last 20 years and know the importance they have made in my career. Zig Ziglar says it best, ‘What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals”.

Today, I want to share some ideas below along with some predictions for you to consider adding to your plans and goals for the new year. My hope is that one of these ideas will elevate your career and put you and your team around you in a better lane to achieve something great in the new year.

There’s something special about hitting a goal. It gives us momentum, confidence, and a purpose in our career. It also creates opportunity to model leadership and engage with others to possibly inspire them too!

Here are 10 ideas for you to consider adding to your goals in 2020…

  1. Develop talent with purpose. Consider scheduled monthly “lunch and learn” meeting to ask different employees speak about their areas in the organization. It will help “level up” employee presentation skills. We learn when we attend, but when we teach, we reach mastery. Also, consider attending toastmasters or ways to get better as the leader!
  2. Create more engagement with your team. One idea is through journal exercises. This creates reflection and ideas to discuss as a team. Use the journal each week for lessons learned or ideas to talk about as a team. We learn so much when we ask for others perspective.
  3. Update your relocation policy. When was the last time you reviewed your relocation processes and benefits? If more than 2 years ago, engage your partners to find ways to elevate the candidate experience even with a lump sum program. What else needs to be reviewed?
  4. Invest time to be a better “networkHR”. Be intentional this year about growing your resources through networking. Make the investment to find a group to be connected with outside of work. There is so much upside to belonging to a group of people outside the organization. Consider a local SHRM chapter, or association aligned with your field.
  5. Impress your team by learning and sharing your mission, vision, and values statements. I once heard that an organization’s mission needs to be shared 5-7 times a month for employees to get it. It’s our “why” and connection to give us a bigger purpose. Start sharing with your messages and remind others about our mission – why we are here.
  6. Put the spotlight on team members making impact. How can we brag about them? The company “Zappos” has a bell that is rung when employees get great feedback. What do you do when employees are making impact? Write a note, give a parking space, post on social media, provide lunch gift card and even purchase a bell. Get started.
  7. Engage your team with SHRM “Convos and Coffee” questions each month. Get to know your team members perspective on business challenges. This program is all about asking questions to get perspective around culture and workplace issues we are all facing. I’m happy to share this concept if interested.
  8. Create a team building calendar. Be intentional about engaging team members each week/month. Help employees go from having a job to a career. Get to know your team members on a different level.
  9. Start a monthly book club. I recently read about a staffing firm that has started reading books as a team. What books have you read that make impact? Start where you are and discuss with others. Last month, I attended a networking event that included a book exchange. It was such a fun way to engage with others and learn why they enjoyed the book. We also took a book home with us.
  10. Create thinking time. Schedule time for team members to “take a break” from normal activity during the day to think about ideas to better the business. I used to work for a guy that always talked about the importance of working “on” the business vs working “in” the business. This will take your engagement and connectivity to another level. Just think, one idea could change the world.

…and 10 predictions that are ahead in the new year!

  1. Things won’t always go as planned. Be prepared to adapt.
  2. Partnerships will continue to make a difference. When things don’t go as planned it’s easier to solve the issue with people you know and trust.
  3. Investing in people will continue to be the biggest return on your career. Write notes, send a text, make a call to stay connected and let people know you care. How about having a “Text Tuesday” to let someone know you’re thinking about them.
  4. Volunteering will continue to be the best way to expand our network and grow our resources. It also helps us develop “friends” and a belonging outside the workplace. We all need to have people we can talk to about life. Find a group and get involved.
  5. What we look for — we will continue to see. Have you ever thought about a car purchase, then start seeing them everywhere? Are you looking for talent, a better process or partner? Practice the habit of writing it down each day. It will amazingly appear.
  6. Everyone still has a story. Lean in and share your story. Many people share by speaking, write blogs, and hosting podcasts. Has someone asked you to share your expertise? If so, “say yes” and start where you are. Someone is waiting to hear your story.
  7. To make impact, we have to continue putting in the work. Be intentional, write it down, schedule priorities, and do the work. Make it happen for you and the team – ever day.
  8. There will be a season for everything. Enjoy the moments. Years ago, I was leading a department, then moved to a role to lead a company, then moved to a sales leadership role. Whatever role we are in, be in the moment. It’s the same way as a volunteer leader. One day it will end and we can use the lessons learned for the next role. Stay involved, even when the season ends.
  9. Celebrating team successes will continue to help us better connect. People don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care. When we recognize people, we are saying “we care” and “we value you”. Make it a practice this year to celebrate others.
  10. Capturing moments will continue to help us connect with a greater purpose in our career. One of the ways to do this is through journaling. This allows us to open up the conversation around something bigger than our jobs. Consider getting a copy of Milemarkers for your team in 2020. I published this book in 2019 to help us capture our daily highlights. There are several ways to use a journal as a team from writing down things we learn in our workplace, daily ideas, gratitude and more. Buy a journal for your entire team and start 2020 with a purpose to help others on your team. The best part is you can start journaling when you are ready. Let me know if you have questions or interested in learning more about journaling as a team.

There you go. 20 ideas and predictions to help you jump start the new year. What ideas or predictions do you like best? Which ones are calling you to get started? Send me a note or share below. I would enjoy hearing from you.

Quote of the week: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

Call to Action: Write down 1-3 ideas from this list or your own and share with others on your team to discuss implementing this year. Find your lane and make this your best year ever!

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  1. This particular post is a roadmap for a successful life….yes, all of life, and it gets to the heart of connection, loving and living…showing up for self and others no matter what happens…and allowing others to show up with you…for you. Priceless, you are definitely one who walks the talk with demonstrated excellence. Keep lifting!

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