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Texas SHRM state council members recently assimilated together from across the great state of Texas for our state meeting in Austin Texas. Over 50 members were in attendance that represented our 32 SHRM chapters. As the District Director for District 2, I always enjoy connecting with chapter leaders to review the business/chapter objectives and discuss ways to elevate the experience for the members and guests in each SHRM community. We also talked about some of our goals, and the plans we need to follow to achieve our goals as the leader. When we finish reviewing, we then share a promise or personal commitment as the chapter leader that will help us achieve these goals. We call this our commitment statements. This is the ownership we take when we all agree on our actions to carry out the plan.

For example, I might say that I am committed to making myself available each month to discuss current state of the chapter and support needed for success. The chapter leader then says, “I am committed to having 1-2 goals for each board member and reviewing each quarter to stay on plan for the year. One of the best ways to ensure success for your team is by having an accountability partner. Commitment statements are great to have with your team in the workplace too… These statements remind me of a story I shared in my book, “Find Your Lane”. Here is an excerpt;

Hold Yourself Accountable to the Plan

De La Salle High School, in Concord, California, was recently featured in the movie When the Game Stands Tall, featuring head football coach Bob Ladouceur’s teams, which won 151 consecutive high school football games from 1992 to 2004—a winning streak that stands today.

            One of my favorite parts of the movie (and most impacting) is how the team prepared for the season during practice. Each player wrote down his commitment for the week on a small index card and shared it with another player. The other player would say that he accepted the commitment and they’d shake hands. Talk about POWERFUL!

            What if we all shared a commitment with our colleagues each week in business? It might be a commitment to getting reports in on time, returning all customer calls within a certain time period, or commitment to spending 30 minutes with a different employee each week to learn more about their story and how you might better support them.

            When you prepare and hold each other accountable, you can accomplish things that you didn’t think would be possible. It may be preparing for a job interview, or a sales presentation, or teaching a class. When you plan, you have a compass to guide you along the way.

How are you doing with your plan so far in 2020? Have you reviewed it this month? Do you have an accountability partner to talk to about strategy and achievement? Maybe it’s time to ask someone you know to be accountability partner. … Oh, and “I promise to continue sharing this blog each week to be a better resource for you and your team”. Let me know if you would like to hear about something specific to help you in 2020. I would be glad to share!

Quote of the week:Never miss a chance to ask a question and learn something new.” -Paige Lueckemeyer

Call to Action: Reach out to someone and ask them to be your accountability partner this week. Share one goal that is important to you and make the commitment statement. It will change your trajectory as well as generate massive momentum for you in your career…

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