Happy International Women’s Day!

Thankful for strong women like Martha Ellen Causey Thornton. She’s my mom!

She gave birth to 5 children and worked multiple jobs to put food on the table for all of us. She is also the step-mom for 2 others. That’s 7 kids! When she was pregnant with her 4th child , she learned her 2 year old son was diagnosed with a tumor the size of a small potato just behind his right eye.

Can you imagine the stress knowing your two year old could lose his eye sight?

She is a fighter and an encourager. She is compassionate and the epitome of being resilient. She is a bowling proprietor and my favorite bowling partner. So many great memories with her in the world of bowling from our parent-child tournaments to High Rollers in Las Vegas to the US Open. She is my biggest fan. She continues to bowl in multiple leagues and everyone loves to bowl with her.

But the greatest gift she has passed on to me is her gift of encouragement. My first recollection of this gift was when I recovered a fumble at the age of 7 in little league football and she came over to congratulate me by telling me I was going to get a 2 liter bottle of Dr Pepper for the effort and great play. She was always encouraging me to do my best and be happy in life. Her smile is infectious and transformed our family from surviving to thriving. She’s amazing and she’s my friend.

Today and everyday I celebrate this amazing women that I get to call mom. I love her everyday and especially on this day.

Who do you celebrate on this special day? I would enjoy hearing your story.

Quote of the day: Be brave, Be you. -Yvonne K Freeman


Call to action: Make a call or share your story. It’s amazing what reflection will do for us.

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