Inspiration or Desperation? or maybe just a PUSH…

As I think about the work place we have all accepted over the last few weeks, I think about how most of us had access to this world of work long before the pandemic, but just didn’t embrace it because of a variety of reasons including its not how we do things in our company. Many of us have had laptops for years and could work from pretty much anywhere in the world. However, we are here now and learning how to do this new way of work because we have to… You see, people typically make a change when we get inspired, or when we are desperate. Think about new years resolutions. However, we also see change when we are “pushed” to try something new.

Last week, I started a new video series in which I share a quote and a few tips that might help the viewers. I call it “CLIMBING TOGTHER” because we are all in this together. I plan to post this these videos 1-2 times a week. Last week I posted a video quote from my friend Jennifer McClure that said “Comfortable is the enemy of awesome.” I love that because we all get stuck in our comfort zones from time to time and need a “spark” or “push” to get us out. As I think about this terrible virus, I think about the awfulness it is bringing to our world. I also think about how it is moving many us out of our comfort zones and pushing us to a work place we wanted to explore before, but were too comfortable to get out and do it. It’s been the push many of us have needed for a while.

For example, last week I saw a post by a friend that said she hasn’t run since high school, and now because she is working from home – she is now getting back into running. She has a smile on her face and feels like she is finding her “running” lane once again.

In our relocation business, we have had “virtual survey” technology for the last few years, but our belief has been that we need to travel to the home to survey onsite. A year ago, one of our company leaders challenged me to embrace the virtual survey model. I was doing about 100-150 surveys annually. Each survey takes approx. 45 minutes depending on volume, but with drive time it could take 2-4 hours each.  To be transparent, I didn’t really embrace this technology because I was comfortable in my ways. The statistics were even showing the virtual surveys were just as accurate as the onsite surveys. Since Texas is a “stay at home” state, I have been “pushed” out of my comfort zone to embrace the virtual survey model with our customers still relocating.

Last week, one of my customers commented during the survey: “this is so much easier that I thought it was going to be”. I smiled and thought how this technology can still deliver a positive customer experience and we were still able to create a great connection. Without the pandemic and “stay at home” mandate, I might have not embraced the new way of surveying homes as quickly as I did.

We are also seeing this in other areas of relocation from virtual real estate consultations to temporary housing coordination to mortgage closings… It’s everywhere!

Last week, I attended one of our SHRM luncheons on zoom web technology. It was super cool. The speaker did an excellent job sharing the content, but we were also able to connect by chatting with the group or individuals in the meeting. This might not have happened if we weren’t pushed into doing this for our members. After the meeting, we are thinking that wasn’t so hard. How can we level up and make it a better experience next time.? I can’t wait to see what this looks like in the next 1-2 years. We will probably attract more members that weren’t able to drive to the meeting but can now make it online!

So, what can we do to move out of our comfort zone and try something new?

  1. Decide. We just need to make the decision that we are going to it!
  2. Make the commitment. Write down things you want/need to do?
  3. Share with others. People will help you, but you need to let them know how. When we write things down it increases our chances of success, but when we tell others, it is almost guaranteed success.

So many times, I have been pushed to move out of my comfort zone, but later felt gratitude toward everyone for helping me experience awesomeness.

There have also been times I have been inspired like posting a personal video, writing a blog or book, speaking in front of a group, raising my hand in a meeting when I was the new guy… and there have been times of desperation like looking for a new job.

So, here’s what I am saying, Either way, you can do it. Make the decision! Be like Nike and “Just Do It”. Your future self will thank you later…

Quote of the week: “People change for one of two reasons, inspiration or desperation.” Jim Rohn

Call to Action: What have you wanted to accomplish, but just haven’t felt ready? Is it post a video, start a podcast, embrace new technology? Decide, commit and share… in a few months you will be telling everyone how easy it really was once you got started!

This has been A Relocation Minute on “Inspiration or Desperation ” with Bruce Waller, for more information, call 972-389-5673, or email or check out my social media Facebook and Twitter page. Also, check out to review my leadership book “Find Your Lane” and journal “Milemarkers” both available on amazon.

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  1. I’ve seen many, many silver linings in this cloud, for sure! Thank you for sharing a few that touch you. Congrats on the virtual survey success and more to come!

    1. Bruce Waller - Armstrong Relocation Dallas

      Thanks for your note Sheila… and for continuing to push me to go higher! You’re an inspiration!

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