Resetting In A New Season

I can hear her voice just like it was yesterday. “Reset on lane seven, or lane 8 or whatever lane she was bowling on. Her name was Mabel Carter and she bowled the afternoon senior league. She wasn’t 5′ tall and had blond hair with wire frame glasses. Every time she would throw her 8 lb. clear bowling ball down the lane, it would roll so slow that it wouldn’t hit the pins hard enough to trigger the reset. Then she would shout, “reset please”… Many times, I would help her push the reset button, and other times I would have to run to the back of the lanes and manually flip the clutch to reset the lanes so it would sweep off the pins that she knocked down for her to roll her second ball…

As we move out of this pandemic into a new season, it’s a chance for many of us to reset. Resetting is a great time to reflect on what’s most important to you. I have heard many people say that the pandemic has created opportunities for people to slow down and spend more time on things that matter like family and friends, or picking up an old hobby, or starting something new.

About 5 years ago, I started thinking about hosting a leadership podcast, but it just wasn’t the right time or season. I have always been fascinated by leaders that make a difference in the workplace or in their community. How did they get to where they are and what habits or disciplines or practices do they focus on each day to help them keep growing in their leadership? I was going to go out to each different workplace and interview with my phone and call it “Leaders on the street”. It was a fun idea to think about, but I had so much going on that I didn’t feel like I could sustain it for a long period of time. I was also writing my book at that time while trying to manage my business and family time too.

Fast forward to March 2020 when the world changed and many of us were forced to work from home which also meant learning new technology. During this time, I hit the reset button and wrote down all of the things I was doing and then wrote down all of the things I wanted to do. With the “zoom” technology and many of us in our homes, I thought it might be a great time to start my podcast and call it “Life in the Leadership Lane” using zoom video platform and podcast platform for audio only. This week I posted episode 3 on my YouTube channel and social media sites. It’s exciting to have dialogue with different leaders and learn what they are doing to make a difference, as well as help others watching or listening validate some of the things they are currently doing too. You see, there are many strategies to have success, we just need to find our lane and do the things that work best for us in our current season!

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So, what are you doing to reset?

What about your role in the workplace? Are you spending time or investing time on yourself to get better in your career? Are you expanding your network? Consider joining a virtual networking group in your industry to learn more and stay connected. If you like reading leadership books to get better, join our CLIMB group (Connect Lead Inspire Mentor Build) for HR and business leaders on Facebook, or if you are in HR join your local SHRM chapter, or if you are in relocation, consider your local WorldwideERC chapter… Right now is a great time to hit the reset button for a fresh perspective on our journey!

Summer is the mid point of the year which is great for reflection on the first part of the year and reset priorities for the rest of the year in our career, in our community, and in our life.

Resetting is getting in alignment with who we want to be… It’s a great time to reset and sweep off the old pins we have already knocked down and get a fresh new perspective or new rack of pins set up for us.

Once we get through this pandemic, we are going to be back in the fast lane and resetting now will help us not only focus on our priorities in the workplace, but more importantly help us identify what matters most in our life.

Quote of the week:“Life all comes down to a few moments, and this is one of them.” Bud Fox

Call to Action: Hit the reset button. Pause and reflect on your list of to-dos and identify your top 3 items. Top 3 meaning the items that will give you direction in your job or your personal life. When you have your list of priorities, you have a great chance to throw a perfect strike! Share your thoughts below. I would enjoy hearing your feedback on the podcast too!

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2 thoughts on “Resetting In A New Season”

  1. Hi Bruce,

    Enjoyed the post. One of the most important things you said in this post is about the pause you mention in your call to action. The call to reset is important, but that brief pause before we take action helps us to make the right reset moves.

    Be well,

    1. Bruce Waller - Armstrong Relocation Dallas

      Thank you for your kind note Suzanne! Great point… The pause is probably the most important thing we can do during the process. Much appreciated!

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