It was the longest move ever…

I was recently helping a customer with her moving questions following our virtual moving survey process when she mentioned that she wanted to use our company to assist her with her move. She had received a couple of other estimates earlier and our estimate was a little higher, but the other companies didn’t look at her items. She said one of the companies asked her to complete a form, while the other called her and asked her what she had in her home.  She felt like they didn’t really know what she had and was uncomfortable thinking she might have problems on moving day when there was more than expected. She liked how we provided a virtual survey to see her items during the survey. We have come a long way with virtual survey technology and find it “essential” during the moving process to keep both employees and customer safe during the COVID 19 pandemic.

This reminds me of a story that I will call “The longest move ever” … Years ago when I was leading a moving and storage company in Dallas, Texas, we had a salesman turn in a local move request for our team to service in Dallas, Texas. The customer had called our office looking for moving assistance and the salesman basically performed a “phone survey” asking what items needed to be moved, what date, and other questions to help him complete an estimate. Once completed, he turned in the order. It called for 2 men and a truck to move items from an apartment to a home for approx. 6-8 hours. Everything seemed “normal”. We tried to reach out to all of our moving crews at the end of the day and left messages to call us if needed.

The next morning when I arrived at work around 6am, we noticed one of our trucks was missing. It was the truck assigned for the local move from apartment to home. We also noticed there was no paperwork left for the completed move and I started to worry. Where was the crew? Were they in an accident, did the steal the truck, were they stranded? About 6:30 am the crew walked in the door. We immediately asked if they were okay and where they had been all night. The crew leader said they just finished the move. WHAT??? He said the 2-bedroom apartment was filled with items from floor to ceiling in every room and they finished the load around midnight. The customer then asked if they could go ahead and unload so the crew just kept going. It actually turned into an all-night move. There were so many lessons for me to takeaway as a young leader! Lastly, I was worried they would pay for the move as it was estimated at $800 and the end was more like $3000… The crew leader then handed me full payment from the customer. What???

We found out later that the customer used the small apartment as a storage facility for their recent 6000 square foot home which is typically a move over a two-day period. What’s interesting is the moving crew didn’t ask questions, or ask for help… They just kept working ALL NIGHT! I had so many emotions that day from I should have went to check on them, to why didn’t they call us, to why didn’t the salesman know about the details, to what lessons can I takeaway to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

We are all in the new world of work and the virtual survey platform is here to stay. The advanced technology allows us to record the survey to help us with move planning and provide a better customer experience with these “on demand” surveys…  and the best part is keeping both our employees and customers safe along the way….

Have you ever experienced a moving survey? I would enjoy hearing your story…

Quote of the week: “Better Than Before.” Jim Link

Call to Action:  Do you have a moving partner with virtual survey access? If not, reach out to someone in your network and ask for their recommendation on a moving partner that can assist with virtual surveys. It will make a difference for your team!  

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