Are you asking the right question?

“You did it!” This is what I said to myself as I finished my morning run this morning. I had just completed week 9 day 3 which consisted of 4 miles. You see, it was 10 weeks ago when I decided to download the C25K app to start running during the COVID-19 quarantine period. A friend of mine was using the app, then I saw someone else post their results and thought it was worth trying. I have always wanted to run, but struggled to be consistent. I would make a goal, achieve it, then move on.

I remember running my first week back in March. It was one-minute intervals. Jog one minute, then walk 2 minutes and do this for 20 minutes. It wasn’t that bad and created momentum for me to keep going to week 2, then 3. The C25K app (which stands for “couch to 5k”) is designed to help you run 3.1 miles after 8 weeks. I remember thinking “how long will it be before I start enjoying the run, or when will I get to week 8 and run a 5K?”. I had run a 5K before, but this was different. I wanted to develop a habit of running. When I got to week 8, I was so proud of myself for finishing, then I thought… what now? Do I download the C10K app and keep going or stop and move on to something else? It’s a big commitment to keep going… I thought about the work and investment to get through 8 weeks, and how I didn’t want to lose the momentum, so I decided to keep going. As I was running week 9, it occurred to me that I was now running 4 miles and enjoying it. Then I thought, “I wonder how far I can go”?

You see, this is what happens to many of us. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the workplace, in the community or in our home. We often ask the wrong question. We often ask “how long is this going to take” when we need to shift our thinking and question to how far can we go or how good can we get? I once heard Simon Sinek talk about the infinite mindset. When we have a finite mindset, we get to the end and it’s over.

For example, when we get promoted to become the HR Manager or Director, we then think now what? Or we achieve our year-end sales goal or land that big account, we think now what? Or we become the president of an organization or in an association and think now what… It has an end! However, with an infinite mindset, the game never ends. We are always looking for ways to get better, to keep growing.

I want to challenge you this week to ask yourself this question… How far can I go?

You see, with the infinite mindset, we know it’s not the end when we get promoted or achieve a goal – it’s just the beginning of the next chapter. When we become President of an association and our term ends, this question allows us to continue looking for ways to add value and continue to serve. When we help a family relocate, it’s now about how can I help create another great experience. When we graduate from college, we continue to invest in learning and growing during our career. The road to success never ends. In fact, many of the people I interview on my podcast (Life In The Leadership Lane) are very successful business leaders, and have a common theme. They are all continuous learners, looking for ways to grow and keep getting better in their careers.

Quote of the week: “There is no finish line.’ NIKE

Call to Action: What questions are you asking? Think about something you have been trying to accomplish and reframe with the question, how far can I go? See if it changes your mindset and perspective to keep going!

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