10 Lessons 10 Leaders in the Leadership Lane!

About 5 years ago, I thought about interviewing leaders in the workplace to share their story for others to see what real leadership looked like in the workplace and community. I was going to use my phone to record a 5 min interview with leaders while in their office and call it “Leaders on the street” like a late night show bit… I wrote down the goal and planned to pursue when the time was right. Many people would say, “why don’t you have a podcast?” when I knew it was coming, but needed to be patient until the time was right.  In 2016, I interviewed leaders on my blog, and learned so much that I included the top 10 takeaways in my book, Find Your Lane.

In 2019, I was sitting in a coffee shop sharing this idea with a friend in OKC… She liked the idea and said she could help when the time was right. I was ready but wasn’t at the same time. Then in 2020, COVID-19 hit and we were forced to work from home and learn more about video calls. This is when I knew it was time to begin the journey…

I have always been curious about leaders making a difference in the workplace and in the community. What they did to get started and what do they do to stay on track. They seem to have more time than others to get things done. They seem to have more connections, and a positive outlook in life. They are inspiring too! I have learned from many great leaders in books, and wanted to actually talk to those in my community to learn, to grow, and share with others in my path… You see, the more we learn, the more we can share with others and that is when we are driving in “the leadership lane”.

In my book, Find Your Lane I share ideas to make impact in people zone. One of the ideas was sharing resources… When we share – we impact!

This week was a Milemarker as I uploaded the 10th episode of “Life in the Leadership Lane. I am so excited to get this going and have enjoyed talking with some fantastic guests on the show. I learn so much from each guest. Here are a few takeaways from each guest… Hope you enjoy!   

  1. Collaboration is better. After interview with Kevin Dawson in episode 1, the name of the podcast was changed to Life in the Leadership Lane.
  2. Values can make decisions easier. Greg Hawks shared how his values drives his decision making in episode 2.
  3. It’s not how you start, but how you finish. In episode 3, Kathy Hardcastle talked about starting out in law enforcement before changing lanes to HR!
  4. Empowering your team is a great way to create engagement. Toby Rowland shared this common trait from leaders around him in episode 4.
  5. Intentional leaders use a system. Seth McColley shared his 3 three bucket system to drive decision making when he gets a lot on his plate in episode 5.
  6. Use “fun” to engage your group. Jessica Heer shared how she uses fun when giving presentations in episode 6. It’s one of her core values.
  7. Mentors are great, but sponsorship is better. In episode 7, David Windley shared the difference between mentors and sponsors in the workplace.
  8. Your voice matters. Angela Shaw shared how she uses her HR platform to advocate diversity, inequity, and inclusion in her community in episode 8.
  9. Be a good listener. In episode 9, Lynne Stewart shares the importance of listening and having the courage to stop someone heading down wrong path.
  10. Be yourself. Ed Curtis shares the importance of being yourself in every situation in episode 10.

What a journey… 10 great leaders sharing lessons for all of us.  What’s your favorite episode? Any takeaways that you would add? What will we learn over the next 10, 20 or 100? I can’t wait to grow and hopefully help you grow too!

Have you listened? What’s your favorite takeaway?

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Quote of the week: “It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.” John Wooden

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