10 ideas to help your job search!

Some of the most stressful things in life include death, divorce, moving, and public speaking… Looking for a new job can also be added to that list. There are now more than 20 million people out of work and trying to “find their lane” as they look for their next opportunity during a COVID-19 pandemic. It’s stressful and even daunting during this time of pandemic. Losing a job through a RIF or furlough has affected so many people including YOU or someone YOU know that is now in transition and needing some assistance on where to start. This just may be the resource they have been looking for!

Over the last 90 days, I have had several people reach out looking for help. I know something good is waiting around the corner for most of them because they are doing all the right things. They are taking action on expanding their networks and having conversations with people that can help with an introduction or a next step. It’s a marathon and takes a lot of small steps to get to where you want to go!

After talking to many of these candidates, I decided to make a list of things they are doing to increase their chances of landing a new job. I am also seeing some excellent guidance and coaching from staffing companies as they focus on “coaching” job seekers too. So… what are my takeaways? See below and let me know what sticks out to you.

Top 10 ideas to increase your opportunity when in transition…

  1. Update your resume – ask for support from someone with expertise in this area. Many times, a recruiter can/will assist you in this area. You can also ask a career coach for support too.
  2. Ask your network to provide a referral to reach out to. Set a goal for 10 friends. When talking to these referrals, close with question “can you provide an introduction to talk with someone in your network”. The more the contacts the more opportunities.
  3. After you talk to each referral, login to LinkedIn and request them to join your network. Make sure you send them a note letting them know how you connected. Connect, Connect, Connect!
  4. Update LinkedIn profile. When you send out your resume, the person receiving it will most likely pull up your LinkedIn profile. Make sure it’s up to date! While your there, look for hashtags in your search such as recruiting, talent acquisition, HR, and more…
  5. Engage in conversations online. The more you engage, the more presence you will build and be remembered. Try to find people looking for help… and help them. Serve, Serve, Serve!
  6. Make a video and post on LinkedIn. Introduce yourself and share what you are looking for. Be positive and energetic!
  7. Listen to podcasts on HR and recruiting. There are so many to choose from including HRSocialHour, SHRM’s Career Compass, Inside Talent with Craig Fisher, or Life in the Leadership Lane with Bruce Waller to just name a few… You can hear great ideas and insight from people making a difference in the workplace.
  8. Find a community to be a part of… for example, you can join our CLIMB group on Facebook. We meet twice a month to talk about books, business, and life. People want to help each other and it multiplies when they get to know each other.
  9. Create a question log to keep track of questions asked to practice and perfect. The more of the same questions the better you will be prepared to answer when that dream job appears!
  10. Lastly, keep trying to find ways to improve while in transition. Read books, take a training class on an area of interest, or practice your video presence, lighting and messaging. Most interviews are now over video.

What did I miss? Share one tip you would add to this list in comments below. and share post with others! There are a lot of people needing help and we have an opportunity to help even if it is just helping them get connected…

Let’s make it a goal to help anyone and everyone increase their chances to go from “in transition” to starting a new career! We may not be able to help everyone… but we can help someone. It’s our most important work… and it’s always ahead of us!

Quote of the week: “A flower blooms in adversity.” Lily Huff

Call to Action:  Share your favorite or most impacting idea in comments below… Send this list to someone you know in transition and share on social media. You never know who needs this now! 

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