WIN EVERY DAY… especially this day!

Earlier this year I was watching Joe Buck interview legendary hall of fame football coach Lou Holtz. Lou won in both football and people everywhere he coached. He’s so inspiring. In fact, his book “winning everyday” is one if my all-time favorites. During the interview, he shared an analogy on the importance of “WIN” which stands for “What’s Important Now”. As I watched and listened to him talk about WIN, I thought about the first half of 2020 and all of the goals and plans I made for the year before COVID-19 arrived and literally changed our world. Many of us went from being results focused and how much can we accomplish to just being safe and healthy with our families and friends.

As I reflect, I think about some of the things I’ve learned so far this year. This pandemic has not been good for anyone, however there have been some silver linings in this pandemic that has caused many of us to pause and reflect on “what’s important now”! We are now starting the month of July and the 2nd half of the season. Time to make some adjustments to WIN the day and the year!

Here are some WIN’s to think about today and every day:

  1. Slow down to speed up! Every December, I set goals and plans for the upcoming year. I set big goals for sales, personal growth, traveling for conferences and more… As soon as COVID-19 arrived, many of us had to put on the brakes to get a better understanding of the changed environment before we could move forward again. Now I find myself gaining momentum to move forward once again.
  2. Start writing! Journaling is more important today than ever. When I published my journal Milemarkers, I knew it would be big, but never dreamed how big until we started spending more time at home with our families. When we journal, we think, we create thoughts, ideas, and more self-awareness. I started to journal when my grandmother died over 20 years ago and have been journaling every day for the last 5 years now… introspection can take us to some incredible places. It also creates conversation / content to share with others.
  3. There is a season for everything! Just a few years ago, we offered a new survey technology for relocating families locally, across the US and abroad through a virtual survey platform. I didn’t embrace it until after I “had to learn” the technology when we were all forced to stay at home due to COVID-19. Now I can help families with move planning and budgeting around the world with video technology. It only takes 5-10 minutes to set up a survey and it’s so accurate! If we don’t learn the next, we have less value to offer others.
  4. Perspective matters! Henry Ford once said, “if you think you can’t or if you think you can, you’re right”. COVID-19 has obviously created hardship for many of us, but there are several ways to look at our situation. Some days are definitely more challenging than others. Stay positive, stay educated, stay connected and stay in the game.
  5. Expand your network! Your network is your net worth. I can’t imagine trying to meet new people when events have been cancelled across the world. The only opportunities to connect right now are through video engagements. However, there are incredible opportunities to be part of community in social media, associations, or clubs. For example, we started CLIMB leadership book club group and meet twice a month to stay engaged. We talk about everything around CONNECT LEAD INSPIRE MENTOR BUILD. It’s more than a book club. The starting point hasn’t changed. We still have to take action! Find a group, engage in conversation, and start building your network.
  6. Schedule transition! Breaks in the day are critical. I never realized how much I missed traffic in Dallas or going to meetings in the city. When COVID-19 arrived, I stopped driving which means I stopped listening to podcasts and audible. I was not transitioning to different places and thinking through things during the day. I knew something was missing and it was mentally exhausting. Since then, I’ve been better at time blocking and continue to improve each week. Mental health is so important. Take care of yourself. Share ideas with others.
  7. Start a challenge! Challenges create community and engagement. In June, I challenged a group on Facebook to walk / jog 100 miles. We had about 20 people interested and was fun to check on each other during the process. It didn’t matter if you were on track, behind goal, crushing it, or just fell short. It was more about engaging in conversation and encouraging each other along the way. So glad to report I finished with 100.14 miles. Now on to the next challenge!
  8. Try something new! Crisis often creates opportunity. In 2015, I thought about interviewing leaders on video in the workplace to help others get a better understanding on how to lead. Since I was so busy, I decided to move forward in written format. It was good but not as impacting than dialogue. When COVID-19 arrived and learned more about zoom, I decided to start a Leadership podcast called “Life in the Leadership Lane” and it’s been so inspiring to learn from leaders making a difference in the workplace and helping others grow in their career too. Love what Darius Rucker says, “when is the last time you started something for the first time”. Check out the podcast on Apple, spotify or other podcast platform! Subscribe and Share!
  9. It’s time to pause! Stop and reflect! We all need to stop and reflect during our career. Pausing drives purpose. We are all so busy trying to achieve results that we don’t schedule time to just stop when we need a break. Give yourself permission to take a break. When you finish, get back in the game!
  10. Just serve! I once shared in a presentation that we all need to stop selling and start serving. In fact, one of the most impact books I read when I joined Armstrong Relocation was “the little red book of selling” by Jeffrey Gitomer. The takeaway message was people don’t want to be sold, but they love to buy. Many people are struggling right now and may not be interested in a sale of a new service, or a new way to do things in your department, or a new product for the company, because they don’t even know what’s ahead. Just start a conversation and look for ways to help customers (both internal and external). Theodore Roosevelt once said people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”. When we serve, we care. People will always remember you reaching out to serve during this difficult time.

Do you focus on “What’s Important Now” ? Share below and let’s “WIN” together in 2020 and beyond!

Quote of the week: “When was the last time you started something for the first time.” Darius Rucker

Call to Action:  How are you going to “WIN” the 2nd half of 2020? Maybe it’s more transition time, or accelerating your passion. Write down some “what’s important now” things to WIN every day!   

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