10 strategies to be a great podcast guest!

Last week I shared some virtual networking strategies to consider using to build your network in this new world of work. One of the strategies included being a guest on a podcast. This week, I uploaded my 15th podcast since beginning the “Life in the Leadership Lane” podcast journey. It’s been absolutely amazing and inspiring talking to leaders and recording their wisdom, perspectives, and stories on making a difference in the workplace and in the community.

Being a guest on a podcast can be exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. It can also help you grow in your career! When you are a guest, you reflect, you research, you write down thoughts and insights, you practice, you share, and you prepare! You grow so much more when you go under the lights. The benefits are amazing when you can shine the spotlight on things important in your career, or your company, or a cause that moves you. Since the podcast is typically recorded, it’s important to also prepare for other things that might provide a positive and exciting experience too.

I recently had a guest mention it was her first podcast. I thought about how helpful it might be to provide some tips for future guests to help them prepare. It might also be useful to prepare for other meetings in this virtual world too.

Kelvin Goss, HR Leader at Delek US shared the importance of “job readiness” in week 14. During this episode, he talked about how you never see Mickey Mouse with his head off… He is always on! We all have to be “on stage” all the time to provide a great experience for anyone in our path. We don’t know really know what’s around the corner… But every day, we have a chance to prepare whether it’s updating our resume, taking a certification, studying our industry, or expanding our network.   

Today, I want to share some ideas and strategies to help you prepare for your next podcast, or job interview, or meeting and make it a great experience for you, the host and most importantly… the audience!

10 strategies to be a great podcast guest:

  1. Invest in a microphone for virtual interviews…It took me a while to figure this out, but once I invested in a microphone, the quality sound improved and I felt so much more confident in my delivery. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive as long as you plug into the computer to minimize background noise.
  2. Test your lighting. I personally use a “UBeesize 8” selfie ring… It works great! You don’t necessarily need this particular light, just bring in something to help brighten the room.
  3. Ask for the questions and write out your thoughts. One of the most common comments from guests is the joy they experience going through the process of writing down thoughts and reflecting on their career. It can also help keep you on track during the interview when you want to pivot topics.
  4. Confirm time outline. Most hosts will go through the timeline. However, it is always good to ask to know how much you have to respond, elaborate or share. Nobody likes going to a meeting that has no stop time expectations… Ugh!
  5. Turn off your cell phone. A couple of my guest’s had their phone ring during the show and it can be a distraction both for them and the audience. I was able to edit, but don’t assume all hosts will edit.  
  6. Ask for a quick review of the program flow before recording. This will make sure your questions/responses are in alignment with the host / expectations before the show begins.
  7. Pause before responding to a question. Sometimes there can be a delay from the host microphone to the listener headset. Don’t rush… it will help avoid you both talking over each other person.
  8. Expand the conversation. When a host asks a closed question, or one-word response, try to expand on the one word on why you see that perspective. This is the fun part of moving the conversation.
  9. Bring the energy. There is nothing more exciting than listening to a person with energy and passion. Talk from the heart! People want to be around people with energy, and they want to listen to them too.
  10. Smile. When you smile, people will feel it… its contagious!

So, what did I miss? I would enjoy hearing your strategies too…

Have you listened to “Life in the Leadership Lane” podcast? If so, I would enjoy hearing your favorite takeaways. If not, tune into Apple, Google, Spotify, YouTube and other podcast platforms and learn from leaders making a difference in the workplace and in the community!

Quote of the week: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Will Rogers

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