We all need some “mo”

Before the COVID-19 Coronavirus shutdown in March 2020, I would randomly run a mile or two as well as participate in the annual 5K Mayors Fitness Challenge run. It was a struggle, and difficult to get motivated to run consistently. I would get inspired and start, but then stop after a short distance because I was too tired to keep going.

Today is my 17th straight week of running and can feel the momentum building. You see, the most challenging thing to do when making the decision to improve, or “get better” is building momentum. In fact, John Maxwell describes this as the “Law of the Big Mo” in his book “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”. When we have momentum, we feel as though we are better than we are each day. We have more confidence, and feel like we can do anything. This is the time to take advantage of opportunities in your career. However, when we don’t have momentum, we feel that we are worse than what we are. We don’t feel like we can do it, or don’t have inspiration or value others have.

So how do we build momentum? Make the decision to start! Take action, and put one foot in front of the other. It’s that easy… You see, momentum doesn’t stay with us for a long time. It comes and goes during the season. Many times, “momentum” comes when we act on a mission… and fades away after we accomplish it! We then stop…   

So how can we start some “mo”…

  1. Make the decision to start, (someday is today)
  2. Make a plan, (don’t wait for perfection)
  3. Take action, (small things lead to big things)
  4. Find your why (find a coach or accountability partner)

The challenge is the start/stop phase… When we start, we start building mo. When we stop, it all goes away… we have to start over. The key is to start and don’t stop for anything!

Want a new job? Make a plan to get referrals. Want a certification? Complete the application today. Want to improve your personal brand? Start creating content and share with others. Want to write a book? Start writing each day. Want to build a network? Time block for connecting with others. Want to run a 5K? Download an app and start jogging.

It’s easy to do, and NOT easy to do… It takes work every day. We can start building momentum one step at a time! It’s exciting to know that in just three months or three years, you’ll look back and thank yourself for making the decision to start! The best part is thinking about the story you will share with others one day about the best decision you ever made and how proud you are that you kept going! Find Your lane and accelerate. The best is yet to come…

Quote of the week: “It’s easier to stay in shape than to get in shape.” Will Smith

Call to Action:  What do you want to accomplish as we navigate in this new world of work? Write it down, and start with small steps to build some “mo” in 2020! Be sure to include others on your journey so they can help you through the tough times!

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