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I always have approached my every day in life with “looking for the good” in the workplace and in my community. It’s how I was raised and part of my DNA thanks to Martha, my amazing mom! We are now in the 6th month since COVID-19 coronavirus came into our world and forced many out of business and many people out of work. It’s a difficult time for many.

This weekend, I was reading an article in sports illustrated about the successful young college football head coach for Oklahoma, Lincoln Riley. The article talked about coach Riley’s success in his first few years as a head coach and his approach with coached and players during this challenging time of coronavirus pandemic, as well as social injustice issues in the world. He talked about some of the people that he’s coached with that has helped shape his perspective. One example was the impact coach Bob Stoops had on him when he saw him dealing with challenging situations during his first year at Oklahoma.

However, the following excerpt in the article caught my attention. As the world descended into chaos, Riley told his assistants…  “not to make excuses, to find opportunity in the tumult.”

2020 has been such a challenging time for many. Many are out of work, many are overwhelmed with work, many are struggling with mental health, social injustice, decrease sales volumes, zoom fatigue, etc…  But there is also a lot of good happening and opportunities ahead.

Did you know… during the 2008 economic downturn, many startups thrived such as Uber, AirBnB, Instagram, Square, Groupon and Pinterest to just name a few. These were started by people looking for opportunities when times were tough. I remember these tough times well. Many corporations decreased their employees relocating and real estate was struggling across the US. It was a difficult time. In fact, I thought about throwing in the towel during this time too.

Today is a similar time, so it’s important to focus on looking for the good, the opportunities. When we look for the good, we will see it. When we look for the bad, we will see that too.

Over the last 5 months, I’ve been trying to look for the good, opportunities to serve where I can stay connected and serve others even if it just by making a call or sending a text to see how they are doing. This is also a great time to level up on a skill or continue education to be in position when things start to open up. There’s never been a better time to start looking for ways to improve your health and well-being too. When we get better, we can help others get better too!  

One way to look for the good is to start something new… It takes your mind to a good and creative place. Over the last 150 days, I’ve started:

  • A weekly leadership podcast
  • Invested in weekly training program
  • Entered six-week mayor fitness challenge
  • Completed 100-mile run/jog/walk monthly challenge
  • Invested time reading with CLIMB community
  • Write daily in my journal
  • Finished my 1st 10K run
  • Started playing golf each week after work with my brother

…and that’s just the start.

Many of these things may not look like they directly help our career, but they really do indirectly as they help us grow in many ways. They help us keep our minds clear and focused on the next.

These are just a few thoughts for you to consider as we look ahead… It’s not easy when times are tough, but when we look for the good – it will help shape our thinking and keep us moving in our career.

What opportunities have you taken advantage of since being impacted by COVID-19? Have you taken a certification, prepared for a promotion, written that outline for your book, helped an employee or friend, started reading a book, relocated to a new home? Share below and let’s inspire others to “look for the good” as we navigate through this pandemic.

What did I miss? I would enjoy hearing your perspective too!

Quote of the week: “Never Stop Learning.” Dr Sandra Reid

Call to Action:  Write down some good things that are happening in your life. Connect with 3 people this week and share this list. Ask what good has happened with them? Create some positive energy in your career and your life.

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