What energizes you?

About 5 months ago when the coronavirus showed up, and many of us were home sheltered, I decided to start interviewing leaders in the workplace and in our communities. I have been doing this for years, but this time decided to record the conversations for others that might be looking for a “lift” in their career. It has been a great experience to connect during this challenging time. I learn and grow every time that I connect with a leader… it’s energizing! At the end of every interview, I have a segment called “it’s time to accelerate” where I ask a few last minute personal questions to get to know our guests on a personal level. As I prepare, I am always looking for different questions to bring out more of the personality. I like to share these questions ahead of time to give everyone time to reflect and think about what they might say when asked the question. Recently, I had one of my guests share a different question that has been weighing on my mind ever since she asked…   

“What energizes you?”

Yvonne Freeman, VP, The People Team, Sabre shared this question with me before our interview on “Life in the Leadership Lane” episode 15 and I’ve been asking this question ever since. It’s impacting… It’s more than asking about what you enjoy like a hobby, but what energizes you about something you might do outside of work. As I think about this question, I wonder if people capture this part of their every day? When we are around things or people that energize us, we feel joy, we feel love, and have a sense of fulfillment in our life.

In fact, this week when I sat down for lunch, I grabbed a pen and a sheet of paper and started writing down all of the things that energize me… It’s such a great exercise to reflect on these things in every season of life… m So what energizes me?

  • Learning something new,
  • Sharing ideas,
  • Interviewing guests for my podcast,
  • Winning business opportunities,
  • Watching college football with family and friends,
  • Speaking at an industry event,
  • Networking,
  • Family Reunions,
  • Building new partnerships,
  • Feeling Gratitude,
  • Dinners with Family/Friends,
  • Talking bowling with mom,
  • Connecting on social media,
  • Helping a family reduce stress for a relocation,
  • Adding value as a volunteer leader,
  • Spending time with my grandchildren,
  • Playing golf with family and friends (really energized when I play good)

These are just a few of the things I came up with… See anything in common? People!

Then I thought, do leaders know what energizes team members? During my interview with Yvonne, she said “people energize me”. It was super inspiring as I thought about how well she connects with people in her path. Then I thought about other great leaders that are energized by people. Herb Kelleher, former CEO at Southwest Airlines was known for remembering employees names, Frank Blake, former CEO at Home Depot wrote over 25,000 letters during his 7 year period as the leader… They understood the importance of people and that energized them!

“In the book, “Everybody Matters”, it states an estimated 88%, 130 million, or 7 out of 8 people go home feeling that they work for an organization that doesn’t listen or care. Have you ever felt this way? What changed? I remember feeling this way as I led an organization in 2002… it was really a challenging time. I needed to make some changes in my staff, I needed some resources to achieve our goals… but nobody listened… they said work with what you have… It was a painful time as the leader… I was de-energized! I ran out of energy and made a change! Since that time, I decided that I was going to do everything I could to inspire others in my path. We all have an opportunity to inspire and serve every day. We just need to make the choice to do it. When we do, it will energize you and everyone around you… It’s all about people!  

So what energizes you? But more importantly…. what energizes your team members, your family, and friends? Find this out, and you will unlock the door to inspire… and create more joy around you!

Love the journey and inspire someone today!

Quote of the week: “Leadership is someone that brings people together.” George W. Bush

Call to Action:  Write down all of the things that energize you. Then try to find out what energizes others… When you can connect your energy with others, you will move people, inspire people, and most importantly bring joy to people in the workplace and in the community!  

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