Do you have leadership fatigue?

What a year. I think we can all agree that 2020 has been challenging to say the least. The Covid-19 global pandemic has literally changed the world. For some, it has been a struggle and absolutely drained our energy. Many have lost jobs and businesses, while others have continued to have success. It’s definitely been a year of different seasons. Here is how I would describe seasons of 2020…

Our first season was a time of “hope” as many of us set goals and made big plans for a successful year. It was all about dreaming big and sharing with others!

Our second season was a time of “fear and uncertainty”. The world just stopped. Businesses were closed and we found ourselves working from home wondering how long this would last.

Our third season became a time of “learning”. While many of us are back at the office, many are continuing to learn Teams to Zoom and trying to set up a professional home office environment to get back to work. Navigate virtually in this new world of work.

And this week begins the month of September we start a new season. I’m calling this season a time of “opportunity”. It’s an opportunity to move toward the next. It’s an opportunity to serve, pivot, level up, connect, lead, inspire, mentor and build on our career.

People continue to struggle in 2020 from COVID-19 and many other challenges… and many have expressed they are tired. I can see this… it’s heavy and definitely challenging time. However, there are times when we also struggle when we don’t have something to look forward to. This is one of the most important reasons we all need to set goals each year. It not only keeps us on track, but more importantly it gives us something to work toward and look forward to.

In his book “High Performance Habits”, author Brendon Burchard talks about 6 habits that are common in high performers including the habit of “clarity”. In this chapter, Brendon shares a story about a very successful female executive that was struggling in her career. She was one of the top execs in the company and was getting the business results… But she was tired, and feeling like there wasn’t anything to look forward to anymore now that she had reached the top. She was unclear about what she wanted next. During the conversation, she learned that she wasn’t necessarily fatigued, but she had basically taken her eyes off her goals and lost focus on learning and growing to help others. She was no longer fulfilled in her career. She basically stopped doing the things she enjoyed around learning and growing and no longer had anything to look forward to. The story ended with the executive getting back to the basics or setting some goals and identifying some areas to learn and grow to start feeling a sense of fulfillment once again. She was excited to have something to look forward to each day.

Unfortunately, lack of clarity is common and aligns well with leadership fatigue in our careers. Leaders often reach success then lose clarity when it’s time to continue on to the next and feel a sense of fatigue. It seems to be even bigger during this pandemic.

In this new season of opportunity, I want to challenge you to get clearer about what you want, who you want to become. Write it down and share with others. Start working on “the next” in this new season of opportunity. We need something in front of us that we are working toward. COVID-19 is still here, and will probably be here for a long time.

In 2020, I started with optimism and set some big goals, but quickly pivoted in April when I knew many of the goals would probably not happen. In fact, I added 10 new goals to achieve that included running goals, connecting goals, growing goals and other things to energized me through the year. I also included others in a monthly challenge that was energizing. It’s still tough, but it keeps me clear and energized as I work toward the next. I’m excited about the traction I’ve made and the exciting things just ahead… Yep, it’s definitely a new season of opportunity to get clear in the next!

The best part about having clarity is that you will give yourself and others more grace when things don’t go your way because you are clear and have your sights set on the big things ahead!

Are you feeling leadership fatigue? Maybe it’s time to review your goals to get more clarity in your career… It just might be the energy you need to power you through 2020!

What’s your “next”?

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Quote of the week: “In the time of darkest defeat, victory may be near us.” -William McKinley

Call to Action:  Review your goals… Identify top 3 to finish strong in 2020. Share with others and you will start having more clarity in your career!

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