Take the 70/30 Challenge!

Are you ready for a September Challenge?

After reading the story about Frank Blake sending 100 personal notes per week for 7 years which resulted in over 25,000 personal notes to employees, family, and friends… I thought why not us! Why not finish 2020 strong with the “power of the pen” and put some good into the world…

It’s time for the “70/30″ personal note challenge. 70 notes in 30 days.

Who wants to join me?

Week 1, write one note per day,

Week 2 write two notes per day,

Week 3 write three notes per day,

Week 4 is four notes per day.

That’s 70 notes in 30 days for a 100 % investment in people. The notes can be mailed or it can be a LinkedIn recommendation or book review, or writing an encouraging note for a team member or a thank you note to your boss or client, family member or friend.

Post below if you want to join me on this 30 day challenge! Hold yourself accountable for making sure this is completed for the next 30 days…

Want to make a positive impact on people? Join me for this incredible journey!

Quote of the Day: “I figured the advantage of this is that it created an atmosphere of people being on the lookout for recognizing great behavior,” -Frank Blake 

Call to Action: Start the challenge today… and make it part of your everyday this month! Post when you complete the challenge include #70/30Challenge

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