The missing link…

As I signed off on this week’s “Life in the Leadership Lane” podcast recording, I smiled as I sat down and reflected on the last few months since pivoting in March of 2020. I was filled with so much joy thinking about all of the amazing conversations I’ve had over the last 21 weeks. When the world shut down, I knew my business would slow down and needed to find a different way of connecting with others in the workplace, as well as assessing my performance. If not, it could/would probably get pretty depressing in a pandemic world of uncertainty and unprecedented times.

In the past, my focus has been around three words: GROW, CONNECT, and MOVE. I want to GROW my sales, GROW my partnerships, GROW myself, and help GROW others around me. I want to CONNECT with other leaders in the workplace and in the community, which would also allow me to help others CONNECT too. ..and I wanted to MOVE families across the street, across  the USA, and around the world because that’s what I do. But also MOVE people to inspire them to “find their lane”, and become more in their career and in life.

But when the world stopped, I decided to pivot and re-focus on these three words: CONNECT, VISIBILITY, and EDUCATION. When we started working from home mandates, many of us lost VISIBILITY for many reasons from not being around co-workers, customers, and business partners in the community… Staying EDUCATED has always been an important recipe to adding value in the workplace, but never more important than today. Learning new technology and setting up home offices to navigate in this new world of work is a must. It’s also a great time to study our industry.

But the one constant in all of this is “CONNECTION”. For many, it’s the missing link. We don’t make “connecting” a part of our day.

We all know “it’s hard to connect”. Actually, let me rephrase that… it’s super hard to build trust and develop relationships in the workplace and community – especially during a pandemic where everyone is in a virtual environment. However, connecting is one of the most important things we need to do each day to grow in our careers. The environment to connect may have changed, but the strategies are still the same… Show up, engage, serve, and follow up.

I guess this was the reason for the smile! It was the connections… It energizes us! I have enjoyed connecting with some of the most amazing people and get to record and share their stories each week on “Life in the leadership Lane podcast on Apple, YouTube and other podcast platforms. It’s so much more than a conversation…

As we review our plans and goals to finish strong in 2020, I want to encourage you to write down and focus on your three words… Here are few to consider: Encouragement, Network, Commitment, Educated, Mission, Communicative, Driven, Focused, Presence, Visible, Connected, Value, Planning, Relationships, Learning, and more… What would you add? How can you better navigate through this pandemic and put yourself in position to be in position when the opportunity presents itself? It’s time to focus on connecting with the next!

Remember the words of Jim Rohn, “Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job.”

Quote of the Day: “Leaders touch a heart before they can ask for a hand. (The Law of Connection, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership)  

Call to Action: Write down your 3 words… Post it on your mirror, your desk, and other places to remind you of your focus to finish strong in 2020. It will give create more purpose and joy to your every day – even in a pandemic!  

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