Day ONE… A Virtual Experience!

As I logged into the 2020 Virtual HRSouthwest Conference this morning, I still had that exciting feeling of conference week. It was day one… It wasn’t live, but it was still exciting to know we were about to connect, grow and be part of history. It was the first ever HRSouthwest Conference in 79 years! I am typically waking up at the Omni Hotel heading down to Starbucks to grab a cup of Jo before crossing the street to enter the Fort Worth Convention Center like I have for the past 15 years to say hello with a handshake, fist bump, or good ol’ Texas hug heading into conference. It wasn’t the same today, and “it was” in many ways! A great experience!

Today, we all headed into the opening general session from our homes and offices logging into our laptops. Some of us in work attire, and others in shorts and pajamas. There is no traffic and the front row is available for everyone. …and my phone stayed charged for the entire day!

Today was exciting for everyone including Conference Director Chrissie Rogers, her team of volunteers and DallasHR staff members. I always look forward to keynotes, speaking, and attending sessions, and connecting with old friends and new ones too! Today we had all of this! Opening keynote Michael Bush crushed it as he shared perspective around great places to work. I was also excited about speaking right after Mike left the stage about “5 strategies to talk to the C Suite”. It was a packed room and still had butterflies as I entered the live chat room. The chat room was exciting, super engaging, and energizing too!

The conference still includes “Knowledge Hub” presentations, Social Networking events and more… It was a great experience on day one… It may not have been live, but it felt like it in many ways… Today I thought about some of the silver linings for all of those attending and for those that may think about the virtual conference experience!

  1. We can see all of the sessions. If we missed one, we can still go back and watch the others! We can also see every 20 min presentation in the knowledge hub too!
  2. I found the more intentional I was, the more connected I was. For example, being engaged in the chat room creates more connection. Also, being intentional in the marketplace forces us to “ring” the bell to visit!
  3. The same conference strategies still apply when it comes to networking. We have to show up, engage, and follow up to get the most out of every day!  

…and that was just day one… Look for the good and you will see good! I can’t wait to see what’s ahead on day 2 and 3!

What did I miss? Share below!

Quote of the Day: “Diversity Drives Innovation” Michael Bush, CEO Great Places to Work

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