Extend the play in the workplace and in the home with HEART…

As I was watching college football this week, I noticed a common thread when coaches described quarterbacks that were making impact. He mentioned the importance of “extending the play”. This is when a quarterback doesn’t have a receiver open, so he continues to move around and keep his eyes down the field… he may run, but continues to look for an open receiver until the last minute. He plays with HEART! I thought how some of the best business leaders also “extend the play” which helps them create success…

On my podcast a few weeks ago, my guest Annie Carolla, Director Global Talent Acquisition with HKS on episode 23 talked about how some guests are able to go beyond the answer and continue to share points and perspective, and sometimes include stories to bring the answer to life with energy and color. I mentioned how this also relates to these players that are able to “extend the play”. These guests go above and beyond always find ways to extend the answer. It’s not about just continuing to talk, but how can I not only share perspective, but relate it with stories and insight. Yes, they have incredible experience, but their HEART is in everything they do. When we extend the play, we create credibility, and more importantly inspiration and belief. We play with HEART.

Here is another example… How about when we respond to emails or engage in a social post? Do we just answer the question – or “extend the play” by taking the extra few minutes to look up an email address or website link to add to the response. This is the difference between a good experience and an exceptional one. Exceptional leaders know how to “extend the play” and play with HEART. They provide more info, they follow up, and continue to find ways to create an experience… So how can we extend the play in our careers?

As I thought about this, I thought about the book we recently read in our CLIMB leadership group. The book is called “The Heart of Leadership” and was about a young manager that was trying to learn to be a better leader. His mentor sent him to talk with others to find out how he could lead better in the workplace and in his home. The end of the story captured the 5 lessons he learned on his journey to be a better leader…  

So what are the lessons? I received the lessons below from my friend Amanda Perrydore, Director Human Resources, SHRM-SCP . She captured this outline for our group which helped us put everything in perspective. She not only captured the outline, but “extended the play” by making a picture for others in the group to print off to put in a frame as a reminder to play with HEART in the workplace and in our home!

Here is the outline!

  1. Hunger for wisdom…Your quest for wisdom is a hunger that will never be satisfied. Never stop learning. Seek Counsel from others.
  2. Expect the best. True leaders see a better future. Leaders are dealers in hope. Hope for a better tomorrow.
  3. Accept responsibility. Look in the mirror when things don’t go well and look at others with praise when they do.
  4. Respond with courage. Take action to build courage. Leaders don’t wait, they initiate.
  5. Think others first. The most important characteristic because it reflects your heart. The best leaders serve.

As you can see, extending the play is a matter of HEART!

When we play with heart, we can extend the play in every situation. Are you all in? Is your heart in your work, and everywhere you go? Find a way to extend the play and you will not only experience more, but you will become more in everything you do.

Quote of the Day: “The pursuit of wisdom requires an open mind, and an open mind can be fueled by learning.” -The Heart of Leadership

Call to Action: Lets work on extending the play in our work, answering questions, and pushing resources to others that help us… Pursue each day with HEART!

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