Leading In Gratitude – It’s Our Choice!

It’s the first day of November and the only word that comes to mind in November for me is “gratitude”. It seems like it has been 2020 for decades, yet it was only a few months ago when our world changed with the arrival of coronavirus, then continued with social injustice challenges, and now with a very divided presidential election on the horizon. As I think about 2020, I think about how grateful I am to live in a country that has free speech, and provides opportunity for all. We have the opportunity to choose how we are going to live our life each day, and the opportunity to choose how we are going to respond to life challenges when things are tough, and the opportunity to choose how to handle success too.

For many of us, this year been a blur and it’s been an amazing year for others. Today, I am grateful for all of the inspirational leaders that have stood up this year…  for standing out in this crisis. You are role models and may not even know that people are watching you.

I am grateful to all of the leaders that have shown me the way in my career from a simple book recommendation to an article you shared that inspired me to take action to the feedback you provided that fueled me to keep going like the story below…  

Grateful leaders inspire action!

A few years ago, I was attending a conference in which attendees were being shuttled to different venues on buses. As I got on the bus, the line stopped for a brief moment so I asked the bus driver his name and let him know how much I appreciated him driving us tonight. Whether I attend a conference, facilitate a meeting, or speak with a group, I always try to be inclusive and connect with everyone in the room with a positive attitude warm smile. EVERYONE! It’s the first impression and we never know what others are going through. Early in my career, I got the opportunity to take a Dale Carnegie class to improve my communication skills and was impacted by the importance of learning and using people’s names when talking to them, so I make this a practice and use names as much as possible to show I care.

At the end of the evening when I returned from the conference, I received a message from an attendee that shared how a group of attendees were watching and talking about how I asked the bus driver his name and then said hello to him as I got on the bus. They were all impacted by that scene. I didn’t know him, but wanted to share a warm greeting with him too. I didn’t know his story, but wanted him to know if it wasn’t for him, we would have been walking! I was grateful! The message I received was impacting and reminded me that people are watching us and the choices we make every day. We can all choose to be kind, be positive, connect, smile, and engage others. When we do this, others will follow up. I know how special it is when people smile at me, or ask my name and use it in a sentence so I try to pass it on to others. In fact, when I hear guests use my name during an interview on “Life in the Leadership Lane” podcast, it energizes too.

Today, I say THANKS to all of the people in my network that lead with excellence. You know who you are… You are authors, leaders in the workplace, colleagues, podcast hosts, family members, friends. You are my clients, and in my networks on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and in my community… I am a better leader because of you. I see you and I am grateful for you today! Keep choosing to lead, keep choosing to be grateful, and make the choice to keep going!

Quote of the Day: “Great leaders give you something to believe in, not something to do.” Simon Sinek

Call to Action: Share a note of gratitude this week with someone that impacts you in a positive way. Then choose to lead with excellence and lean into gratitude as you face challenges this week. Highlight a leader in a social post or give them a recommendation. Go make their day! We may not be able to impact everyone, but we can have an impact on someone… It’s our choice!

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