What’s in your PGP?

Do you have a personal growth plan (PGP)? I first heard this message when I was a young manager early in my career. I am grateful that I was surrounded by so many great leaders that invested in me and showed me the way by sharing audio tapes for me to listen to which are podcasts today, taking me to leadership conferences to learn which can now be seen on YouTube, and referring leadership books that I could read for growth in all areas of my life including personal, career, financial, family, spiritual, and community growth.

Is it easier to grow today? Yes and No. The choice is easy… and it’s hard. There is definitely easier access to personal growth, but it might be hard to find the time to invest everyday. The choice seems easy, but to be intentional every day is hard. It is more than a one year or one time plan, it is a life plan… It is a commitment for life! So it might easy and it might be hard depending on how important it is to you!

Today, I continue doing the things I have done in the past, as well as pursue other ways to include such as volunteering and serving others, so I can help others serve too. I continue to include reading, writing, and speaking as part of my PGP as well. These are the seeds that must be watered daily if I am to continue to grow and serve in my workplace, in my community, and in my home! What seeds are you watering each day?

The key to PGP is commitment… a commitment to intentional growth with a purpose to become more every day so we can always be in a position to help others in our path become more too.

What’s in your PGP?  Take time to reflect and make our PGP today… and make it part of our every day.

Quote of the Day: “A commitment to do something gives us hope, but carrying it out is what builds trust.” John Maxwell Podcast

Call to Action: Make a personal growth plan and start today… or make a commitment to ask others to help you get started… It will change your career and your life!  I look forward to seeing your growth in years to come!

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