Last week, I shared my 3 year old grandson’s picture of a turkey that he painted with a group of leaders in Dallas. The picture included the message around gratitude, so I decided to ask the attendees to fill in the blank… So today, I ask “what’s in your blank” on this special week of Thanksgiving…

I am thankful for…


As I reflect, I think about thanksgiving day as a child and teenager in Midwest City, Oklahoma visiting grandma and grandpa Thornton’s. It was a time with joy growing up with seven brothers and sisters… and playing croquet and football with uncle Roy. Thanksgiving lunch was eating at the kids table. Grandpa Thornton would walk around and visit briefly with everyone like a travel host to ask about our interests and make sure we were all doing well in school. There was a huge fish tank that would get our attention and we would watch the fish. Reflection is a gift and takes me back to these days and gives me gratitude as I think about the story I want my grandkids to share one day.

Today, I am thankful for “reflection“. As I write this blog, I think about how challenging life was almost 400 years ago when people made the choice to sacrifice everything as they had to sail across the ocean in pursuit of their dreams of hope… and how mom and dad taught us to respect what others have done before us, and for us, to be able to live in this great country.

2020 has been a difficult year for all of us, and it seems like it would be hard to find good in a pandemic, and all of the other social challenges we continue to deal with…

BUT when we look for the good, we will always find the good.

My business was thriving before the pandemic, but then business levels decreased as companies hit the pause button on relocating talent earlier this year… but I am so grateful for the additional time I have received to spend with my grandchildren – what a gift! I also started running more and ran my first 10K this year, as well as a half marathon, while started my new podcast “Life in the Leadership Lane” that has allowed me to connect with some of the most amazing people leading in the workplace. It has given me so much energy and get so excited to speak to every guest! I have also been fortunate to speak 27 times in 2020 and look to forward to continuing to share a message of encouragement and inspiration to help us thrive in our career and in life. So as I reflect, I lean into gratitude and count my blessings…and can’t wait to see what’s ahead in 2021!

From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving. We all have so much to be thankful for…especially during this Thanksgiving season.

Quote of the Day: “Gratitude is a winning attitude.” Harvey Mackay

Call to Action: Take time to reflect on the good this week. Make a list and write it in your journal. What are you thankful for? Share with those closest to you…  

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